Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida

16 Tips to enjoy your Walt Disney World Resort vacation in Orlando, Florida

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Staying at Walt Disney World Resort can be expensive, but most tourists don’t realize is that they can enjoy staying in these resorts without spending a motherload. The Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, opened on October 1, 1971. These 16 tips are for the tourists and people who want to stay in a Walt Disney World Resort on a budget and still enjoy their vacation.

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Here are the 16 tips to enjoy your Walt Disney World vacation

Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando

  1. Plan to have your Disney World trip during the off-peak season as this will help you get cheaper airfare and hotel and resort rates.
  2. Look for budget friendly hotel rates that are convenient to your trip in Disney World. Also, you can opt for a Disney vacation package before having your trip to Disney.
  3. Take advantage of the free transportation to take you to a Disney theme park.
  4. When buying a Disney World souvenir, buy it from a factory outlet such as Orlando Premium Outlets. Buying souvenirs in Disney theme parks is more expensive than buying from the factory outlets.
  5. Have fun enjoying a walk at Disney parks for free such as Downtown Disney, Disney’s Wilderness and Disney’s Boardwalk.
  6. Take your friends and family to enjoy a sumptuous buffet meal outside Disney World to budget friendly places such as Ponderosa, Angel’s Lobster, Golden Coral and Bill Wong’s Famous Buffet.
  7. Along highway 192 in Kissimmee are numerous motels and hotels that you can consider to check in. They also offer complimentary transportation to Disney World theme parks.
  8. Grab a copy of I Love Orlando publication to get discount coupons to Disney attractions, specialty shops and restaurants in the city.
  9. Before checking in a hotel, make sure to if the hotel offers complimentary continental or full breakfast each morning of your stay.
  10. Bring a backpack of snacks and juices when visiting the theme parks with little children.
  11. Going to Disney World with your big family like for a family reunion, it is better to rent a vacation home, complete with backyards, garage and washers.
  12. You don’t need to shell out your hard earned cash while staying in Disney hotels. Most of the Disney hotels offer complimentary rides to the theme parks plus they also have food courts.
  13. If your kids want their pictures taken with a Disney character, then you can go to Town square of Main Street, U.S.A rather than spending your money at a Disney character breakfast.
  14. Whenever you leave one of the Disney theme parks to eat outside, don’t forget to get your hand stamped.
  15. To fully enjoy your visit in Epcot center, make sure you can go there to one of the annual festivals of the park such as the Flower & Garden Festival, International Food & Wine Festival, etc.
  16. Carry your own bottled water, as you can refill it to one of the water fountains in the theme park.

These are the 16 tips to fully enjoy your visit to Disney World theme parks without sacrificing your wallet or hard earned cash, yet still have fun with your family and friends.

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