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5 Reasons to Join Betway in South Africa

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Whether you’re new to the diverse world of sports betting, or a seasoned punter looking to change to another bookmaker, Betway should be on top of your list of Betting Sites to consider.

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In this article we’ll go through 5 reasons why you should join Betway today.

  1. International Reputation

Betway are one of the biggest betting brands in the world, and one of the only big name international betting sites that have set up shop in South Africa.

What this means is that they have a solid reputation, one that you can wholeheartedly put your faith in.

Betway attracts millions of players from across the world, and promises ultimate customer satisfaction.

  1. Great for Beginners

Another part of what makes Betway so attractive is that they are the perfect betting site for beginners.

Their website is brilliantly laid out and is really easy to use, ensuring that you need no prior betting knowledge to start betting with them.

If you are a seasoned punter, you are bound to appreciate the ease with which you can use Betway’s fantastic service.

Everything from signing up, to receiving your welcome bonus, and depositing money are processes that are easy to follow, which can all be done within a matter of minutes.

  1. R25 Sign Up Bet Welcome Bonus

Another reason to use Betway is that they welcome all new players with a R25 sign up bet as a welcome bonus.

Many other betting sites offer first deposit bonuses, which require you to make a deposit before you are able to receive your bonus.

This is not the case with Betway. To access your free R25, all you need to do is have your identity verified.

Betway will either do this automatically by confirming your identity with the ID number that you provide them with when signing up, or they will let you know whether you need to upload a copy of your ID.

Either way, accessing your R25 Free Bet comes with no hassles.

4. Plenty of Deposit Methods

A sometimes overlooked factor when it comes to choosing a betting site is what kind of deposit methods they accept.

Betway have paid particular attention to this facet of their website, as they accept more deposit methods than any other betting site in South Africa.

Why is this important? Because people have different payment preferences. Some people prefer to go cardless, while others prefer to make EFT payments.

The more deposit methods a betting site covers, the more payment preferences they are catering to.

With Betway you’re able to make deposits with everything from your bank card to USSD. They also accept EFTs  from each of the major banks in South Africa, and ensure that deposits reflect in a timely fashion.

  1. Betway Data Free

If each of the preceding factors weren’t enough to convince you to join Betway, maybe their Data-Free site will change your mind.

Betway Data Free ensures that you are able to still get the most out of your sports betting without having to use your own data.

Betway’s addition of a data free site is well tailored to South Africans, as data prices in South Africa are notoriously expensive, with locals spending as much as 25% of their monthly income on data.

Betway have noticed this problem, and as a result have come up with a great solution for their users.

All of these reasons aside, one thing is very clear about Betway. They make betting absolutely seamless, and are a fantastic betting site to use. If you’re looking for one of South Africa’s best betting sites, Betway comes highly recommended.

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