A dangerous love

A dangerous love

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Is there any other way to describe romance between two criminals other than – dangerous love? Think of the mating of two cobras, or the coming together of lion and lioness. Dangerous love.

After Sonto refused to give up her business to Mohato – known on the streets as My Lord – the ex convict lit up her tavern with a hailstorm of lead. Thankfully her grandchildren and daughters survived the incident. Sonto and Sbonga wound up in hospital, the former with serious injuries which put her in a coma.

Having eliminated his competition, Mohato sought to establish himself as Gomora’s alpha dog. When Mazet stole a car, he immediately took it from her. He also intimidated Sonto’s mechanics into working for him.

Protecting mother from her dangerous love


With her mother out of commission, Thathi had to become Sonto’s proxy and protector. Even the normally argumentative Pretty ceded control to her older sister. Just as well that Sonto taught her how to shoot. When Mohato learned that Sonto had survived the tavern shooting, he showed up in her hospital room. Thathi assumed he was there to finish off her mother – which he wasn’t. She pulled out her gun and sent him on his way. But when Sonto was discharged, Mohato rocked up at her house where he declared his love for her. Sonto, of course, asked the question that any reasonable viewer would raise:

“What kind of love is this?”

A dangerous love, what else. The man tried to kill her just days ago and there he was, in his floral shirt, being Casanova. Why can’t he just make up his mind; enemy or lover?

Thathi hires a hitman

While Mohato and Sonto flirted with their dangerous love, Thathi hired a hitman to take out the new threat. She was pleased when the hitman offered to kill Mohato for free. But at the last moment, she discovered that Mohato was living with his sister, Gladys Dlamini. Melusi still has a special place in Thathi’s heart. Fearing that the Dlaminis might get caught in crossfire, she quickly moved to cancel the hit.

Ntokozo and Buhle frustrated

The tension between Ntokozo and Buhle had been rising ever since the Ndabas moved to Gomora. But it seems that the gods of love are working overtime to keep the youngsters apart. Remember when Gladys arrived just in time to stop Buhle from offering a bite of forbidden fruit to Ntokozo? Gladys’ arrival ruined their Edenic moment. It seems the Universe is doing its best to block this inevitable hookup.

Dangerous love
When Eve offers Adam forbidden fruit

Last week, Ntokozo arranged an ice-cream date with Buhle, only for Teddy and Langa to gate-crush. Who does that, right? They met outside the school gate. Just when Ntokozo’s nose inched towards Buhle’s face, Teddy arrived from nowhere and ruined the moment. Aaagh! Not again.

An awful romantic gesture

Melusi gave his wife her marching orders.

“I cannot live with a wife who disobeys me, pack your bags and leave!”

Just as Gladys was about to exit, Melusi got down on his knee and offered her a ring to replace the one that Lindokuhle stole. Chasing her away was all part of his elaborate plan to reaffirm his love. In what part of the world is it okay to scare your wife half to death just to give her a ring! Melusi’s plan could easily have gone wrong. Think angry wife, think boiling pot of water, think sharp knives in the kitchen, think a family car on fire. One moment it’s sweet love and the next moment it’s a dangerous love.

Following his romantic but scary stunt, Melusi and Gladys quarantined themselves together in the bedroom, giggling like school children.

London learns his lesson

When Mohato found out that Lindokuhle had held a knife to his sister and injured his nephew Ntokozo, he armed himself with a cricket bat, of all weapons, and tracked down the juvenile delinquent. After a brief conversation which involved bat pressed against the Adam’s apple, Lindokuhle went back to school completely reformed. He sat his examinations under the supervision of Principal Melusi Dlamini on whom he showered repetitive apologies. After linking the troublesome kid with a friend who runs a technicon, Melusi told Lindokuhle to never set foot at Gomora Secondary.

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