Actress Pasi Koetle-Nyokong has come out to speak about her skin problem that started when she was a teenager. She is currently undergoing an intensive skincare routine.

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Whenever Pasi consulted with dermatologists, she was told that she has hormonal acne she has thus continued seeking solutions to her problem.

Taking to Instagram to share her struggle, the Scandal actress said she doesn’t remember having a good skin. This started when she was still a teenager.

“I’ve been sharing my journey on my insta stories about my skin. I don’t remember having good skin, from my teenage days till today I’m still breaking out, went to dermatologists and they told me it’s hormonal acne.”

The actress also said that those who have skin problem, must know it affects your self-esteem, you will try everything even when someone comes with funny stories, you will try it.

Mapaseka said she met a girl by the name of Kgomotso. She owns aesthetic skin care, beauty and wellness company called “Skinstitute“.

“Met Kgomotso through a friend she is the owner of Skinstitute, I support black women in business so I gave her a chance. I started going for pills, at that time I was breastfeeding so I couldn’t do much”

To cut the long story short, Pasi had to be patient. She went for pills and micro-needling and others.

“I am on a pill which helps to balance my hormones and I don’t break out as much. Acne is the worst thing to have when you are an actress, it affected me especially when I watched myself on screen. I look way better now, I don’t break out as much and I’m still going for my treatments” – she said.

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