Actress Sindi Dlathu warns against a skincare company using her face and brand to sell skincare products

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The River actress Sindi Dlathu recently took to her Instagram page to warn her fans against a skin care company that is using her images and brand to sell skincare products without her permission.

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Sindi Dlathu, who launched her own skin care clinic last year, emphasized that she is not associated with Nulante Anti-Aging brand.

“It has been brought to my attention that my name, brand and image are being used to promote skin care products by Nulante Anti-Aging. Please take note that I am in no way associated to Nulante Anti-Aging. I have not been involved in the development of their ranges, nor have I endorsed any of the products sold by Nulante Anti-Aging,” she wrote on Instagram.

She added: “I urge all of you to exercise the necessary caution should you come across any of this company’s products where my name has been used to promote the said products.”


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