Vatiswa Ndara supports Rami Chuene

Actress Vatiswa Ndara supports Rami Chuene following ‘The Queen’ exit

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Local actress and media personality Vatiswa Ndara has come out to show support for actress Rami Chuene after she was allegedly fired from The Queen Mzansi for publicly supporting Vatiswa last year.

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It is alleged that Rami was apparently booted off for allegedly supporting Vatiswa after she wrote an open letter to the shows producers, Connie and Shona Ferguson who own Ferguson Films. The open letter was about exploitation in the industry.

The news of Rami Chuene’s from The Queen left Mzansi at buzz as her character, Gracious Mabuza, has been an important part of the show.

Many took to Twitter to urge viewers to boycott the show and other Ferguson Films productions.

Commenting on the tweet in which Rami confirmed her The Queen exit, Vatiswa replied by saying: “Rams (Rami Chuene) are we being given a sneak preview of the movie Remains Of Your Acting Career?”

Rami jokingly replied, “I hate you! Now here I am, laying next to the remains of your career.”

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