Afrihost Uncapped ADSL Bundles

Afrihost is Slashing Uncapped ADSL Bundles!

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Afrihost has great news for their ADSL clients! Afrihost is disrupting ADSL once again by slashing prices on selected ADSL Uncapped Bundles by up to 55%!

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Afrihost will be reducing the prices of selected ADSL Uncapped Bundles to just R999 per month or less. This includes the DSL line rental* as well as Uncapped Data. Effectively, ALL Uncapped ADSL Bundles up to 20Mbps are now R999 or less – guaranteed!

Users who sign up for or upgrade to 20Mbps packages will save over R1,200 per month!

The new Uncapped Bundle pricing is available now on their website for new clients signing up for the first time.

Existing clients already on eligible bundles have already been automatically migrated onto the new bundle pricing as of 1 March 2019. Existing clients who are on other bundles can migrate their current packages onto the new bundle pricing now in ClientZone.

Product Old Price New Price Saving
8Mbps Business R1,217 R999 R219 (18%)
10Mbps Business R1,317 R999 R318 (24%)
20Mbps Premium R1,317 R899 R418 (32%)
20Mbps Business R2,217 R999 R1,218 (55%)

*Prices quoted do not include voice line rental payable to Telkom.

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