AKA clear things up about Vth Season’s accusations

Rapper AKA has cleared the air and accuse his former record label Vth Season of planting false stories about him in the media. This comes after his former boss Benza told City Press that AKA owes SARS.

Kiernan took to Twitter where he addressed the issue.

“Since I left that company, they’ve been struggling to keep the lights on. If I was them I’d plant stories in the media about me too. Desperate times. Desperate measures.” –¬†Kiernan tweeted.

AKA further stated that every time he close a deal or make another move … a negative story about him comes out in the papers. Have you noticed? – he asked. “Shame. That’s all the poor guy can do. God will deal with him. If he hasn’t already.” – AKA said.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, the rapper said he wouldn’t be flaunting his wealth if he owed SARS money.

“Let me just say this, everything is 100% (on my side). I don’t owe SARS any money. I wouldn’t be posting my watches or my cars if I did. This is nothing more than Vth Season and Benza planting stories (about me ) in the media.”

The rapper also said he doesn’t owe Vth Season any money, the ex-label is that one that owes him money. “Vth Season was floating their entire company on me. I was the only artist that really ever made them money,” he said at the time.



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