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Ami Faku features on third single in 4 weeks

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Eastern Cape’s rising star, Ami Faku, Ndikhethe Wena is ending the year off on a high note with her third feature on a single in the space of four weeks.

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Following the release of DJ Qness’ Babuyile ft Ami Faku & NaakMusiQ and The Kiffness’ Lose You ft Ami Faku; Ami Faku now features on DJ Mogul SA’s new single Ungowam.

The coming together of Ungowam was by serendipity. De Mogul SA happened to hear Ami Faku’s Ndikhethe Wena on radio and knew he had to have her on his next single. He then went on to search for her on social media and sent her a DM asking for her details so that he can send her a beat. Ami Faku immediately fell in love with the beat and sent it to her manager who then booked a studio session for her and De Mugul SA that same night. Ungowam was recorded the same day that De Mogul SA first heard Ami Faku’s voice on radio.

“The whole process of having to work together on a song, Ami Faku and I, I got to say, it was meant to be. I had the beat for quite some time, but when I heard her latest single Ndikhethe Wena play on radio, I definitely knew she was the one to work with. She is such an AMAZING songwriter. The experience was super amazing. I mean her energy in the studio and the creative side of it… she is such a talent. Ungowam is a song filled with emotions and by far the future sound. We can’t wait to share it with the world,” expresses De Mogul SA.

“It’s a privilege to work with Universal Music and Dj Ganyani Entertainment to release this special song by De Mogul SA featuring Ami Faku. Ami Faku’s voice is a spiritual calling and the music by De Mogul SA compliments this very special and exciting new Afro House sound. The song is set to begin the December Season and do damage in 2019. It’s designed to be a classic song for decades to come,” shares Raphael Benza of Vth Season.

Ami Faku stays true to her messaging about love with Ungowam and shares: “Ungowam is about regaining strength and giving love one more try.”

Vth Season’s newest signee has made an impress mark in the music industry this year in the space of just four months. Ami Faku has been earmarked to be one of the most important voices to come out of South Africa in the twenty-tens, and the likes of Entertainment Editor, Lesley Mofokeng, forecasts her to reach the iconic status of the likes of Sade, Tracy Chapman, Aretha Franklin and Brenda Fassie just to name a few.

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