Anele Mdoda and Kelly Rowland

Why Anele Mdoda trended after Kelly Rowland tweet

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South African twitter users are an unforgiving bunch and nobody knows this better than television presenter/radio deejay Anele Mdoda. On Friday (10 September 2021), the Mthatha born presenter of The Buzz (Honey TV) shot to the top of Mzansi’s trends list where she remained until the following day. In these uncertain times, when a South African celebrity trends on social media, you can hear the entire country’s collective intake of breath as everyone wonders if the worst has happened. But worry not, because Anele Mdoda is alive and well.

Why Anele Mdoda is trending

Some 16,000 kilometres away, in Los Angeles, California, separated from the Motherland by acres of Atlantic ocean, former Destiny’s Child member, Kelly Rowland posted a photograph of herself accompanied by a two letter word; “hi”

Just that single word – hi – was enough to propel Anele Mdoda to the top of the SA trends list. It sounds crazy… if you are unaware of the history between Kelly – Kelendria Trene Rowland, to use her full name – and Anele.

Each time Kelly Rowland posts a photo of herself, South Africans are quick to remind Anele Mdoda of the time she said Kelly was not pretty without makeup. Anele’s tweet triggered a flurry of jokes, insults and even body shaming against her. Despite social media pressure on Anele to apologise for her comments, she stuck to her guns and more or less said Beyoncé  was prettier (than Kelly Rowland).

Anele’s remarkable body transformation

Still on the topic of Anele Mdoda being attacked on Twitter, the opinionated 37 year old television presenter this year, in July, posted pictures which show amazing progress in her weightloss journey.

Mercifully, the Anele and Kelly thing on Twitter has become more of an inside joke on black South African twitter, rather than the verbal onslaught it once was. In case you missed this trending topic, here are some of the choicest tweets.


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