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Anele Zondo Giving Together Charity Event

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This past weekend, television personality and now philanthropist Anele Zondo (affectionately known as “Ney The Bae”) took her Giving Get Together charity drive right to the heart of KwaZulu-Natal in the small town of Newcastle.

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A proud product of Newcastle, Anele saw it fit to give back to the very town that has nurtured her talents and given her the platform which has propelled her to stardom. The Giving Get Together (GGT) is a campaign that was founded by Anele Zondo that aims to combat the various social ills that exist amongst the society we live in today.

Anele Zondo observed that social ills such as poverty and poor quality of education tend to have the most detrimental effect on the South African youth which is a social ill in itself. “When Matwetwe lead actor, Sibusiso Khwinana passed on last year, I became inspired by his pursuit of wanting to lend a helping hand to youngsters who showed an immense passion for the dramatic arts field. Although he was relatively young, he still managed to leave a mark in the hearts of those he helped in getting into the dramatic arts sphere. “That is exactly what I intend on doing through this campaign, which is to leave a mark by doing something that is not about me but something that will impact the lives of people,” said Anele. The actual get-together consisted of a charity drive which saw Anele Zondo along with various sponsors such as Guess, Bay Union, Subz Pads, Khulekani on Wheels, Mercedes Benz, Investec as well as donees travelling to various schools across Newcastle to give aid where it was needed most.


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This is us we are all from Newcastle and we all have big dreams. But right now—-❤️ sihappy, siwarm, si-able, siy’family ! @giving_get_together #chooseday

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This aid came in the form of school shoes, clothing items and goodie bags with essential items such as sanitary products as well as personal hygiene care. “I am very passionate about education, reading and children which is what this initiative will be focused on amongst other things. Through this campaign, I hope to eliminate the factors that limit children from going to school and achieving their dreams. I am a dreamer, believer, achiever so I want everyone to believe in themselves and believe in their dreams and so what better way to reinforce this message than through empowering our youth through education!”, says Anele. This Giving Get Together charity drive is one of many initiatives that Anele will be taking on in hopes of alleviating the effects of various social ills within our society which will empower the youth for a brighter tomorrow.

The Giving Get Together not only aims to empower the South African youth but it also aims to promote the culture of giving thus evoking the spirit of Ubuntu within the hearts of all South Africans.

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