Aphelele Lusizi Boity

Aphelele Lusizi’s drawing goes viral

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Some people like Aphelele Lusizi were just not born to draw. That’s the bottom line. However, even limitations like the inability to draw visible shapes will never be a challenge too far for someone with enough determination to get their name out there.

Meet Aphelele Lusizi, whose drawing of Boity went viral with over 30,000 retweets.


It got so intense that people started making actual requests for more of his work and different celebrities. And so he obliged:


Speaking to Tshisa Live, the entertaining artist explained his inspiration:

“At first it was just a joke. I love art but when I drew Boity that Sunday afternoon, I wasn’t trying to create ‘viral’  art. I then tweeted the drawing just for fun, many retweeted because it made them laugh. Suddenly it got serious, with people DM’ing me to draw them or asking me to draw other celebs.”

He’s even done President Jacob Zuma:


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