The enemy comforts you

As one enemy falls, another emerges

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Harriet Khoza had just attained peace in her family; Shaka, Kagiso and Dingane have just kissed and made up, the powerful matriarch did not expect to encounter a new enemy so soon. Their only enemy, Jerry Maake, had not bothered them in a while.

A choice between two lovers

Frustrated by having to share her man with her daughter, Mildred barged into the Maake home and demanded that Thato makes his choice, like right now! But Thato was away at work and Malume Jerry rang him to demand that he come home right away.

“Fix your circus” Aunt Vuyiswa said when he walked in.

Thato took one look at Warona and Mildred seated at the dinner table. His choice? He chose both.

Thato’s decision infuriated the morally upright Jerry. Their ensuing argument led to Jerry telling his nephew to tsamaya. Thato gladly obliged. He packed his bags and left.

Rather surprisingly, Warona seemed cool with sharing Thato with her mother, despite initial reluctance. Honestly, Thato’s bedroom game must be strong if a mum and her child are willing to share him. But it was a decision that Thato would regret.

Shaka proves men are trash

Is the our enemy watching?
Shaka proves men are trash

The Khozas thought they had fixed their little problem with the old enemy, Sithole, after stealing the remains of Bongani Sithole along with the DNA test results. But a separate sample of his tissue had been sent to another laboratory in Pretoria, so Jerry Maake was able to confirm that the deceased was indeed Bongani Sithole, the nephew of the Khozas longstanding enemy.

Harriet’s solution was to find a fall guy on whom to pin the blame for Bongani’s death. The Khoza brothers went to meet a potential scapegoat at the Corner House. But a suspicious looking person caught their eye. It was Dingane who firt noticed that the lone diner was eyeballing the Khozas. Shaka, seated like forgotten trash on top of a wheelie bin jumped off his perch and assaulted the man, only to find he was an innocent person who happens to be deaf. Thato had recorded Shaka assaulting the man and Tembisa police smelled blood. Jerry Maake figured he could nail the Khozas for assault, in the event that the Sithole murder charge fails to stick.

Captain Maake went through Kagiso’s call records and found an incriminating conversation in which the Khoza boy sets up a meeting with the police pathologist to pay him for falsifying Shaka’s autopsy.

“Better than a confession” exclaimed Vuyiswa.

Brutus sacrifices himself

After Antoinette brought a parcel for Brutus at the dinner table, the package turned out to be a bomb set on a countdown timer. Kagiso, with military instincts shouted for everyone to take cover! The Khozas bolted, leaving Brutus to valiantly prostrate himself on top of the explosive. But the timer reached zero and the bomb did not explode.

Instead, a message appeared on the digital countdown screen, demanding that the Khozas hand over the person responsible for the death of Bongani Sithole.

Rather than hand over Shibase – it is he who killed Bongani – Harriet decided to go to war with the Sitholes.

Skhumbuzo sells Harriet for a Dollar?

Skhumbuzo Dollar, acting as go-between, arranged for a meeting between Harriet and the Sitholes at the golf course were the Khozas were happened to be holding a team building day for their employees. Harriet’s ploy was for Kagiso to kill Sithole during the meeting.

Instead, a helicopter flew over the golf course and a gunman fired on the golfers. Like the flag inside the hole, Harriet was the target on the green.

Jerry Maake, looking to arrest Kagiso, arrived just before the chopper hovered above. As Kagiso entered the police van in handcuffs, bullets rained down from the helicopter. As it became clear that Harriet was the target, Jerry used his own body to shield Harriet from gunfire — only Allah knows why — and the brave Captain became a hole in one. Dead from a gunshot wound.

No respect for a dead enemy

Harriet was grateful that Maake had saved her, but Brutus and Shaka had no sentimental feelings for the dead cop like NWA. They immediately popped champagne and sang cheerfully, thankfully not the rude NWA song. All the same, it was a bit too soon.

When your enemy mourns with you

Thato, summoned to the scene of the massacre by Georgina, cried when he saw his uncle, belly up in the grass. Suddenly his fight with Malume Jerry became unimportant. He offered useless apology to an uncle who could no longer hear him.

As Vuyiswa tried to make sense of her husband’s death, a senior colleague paid her a visit to offer condolences. Colonel Sebata of the SAPS – played by Rapulana Seiphemo. The very man whose stray bullets killed Jerry. An enemy offers his condolences.

Ordinarily I would say welcome to The Queen. But he killed Jerry. And that makes him my enemy.

Till next week, my pen is capped


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