AutoTrader South Africa

AutoTrader South Africa Remains South Africa’s Biggest Automotive Site

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AutoTrader South Africa is South Africa’s biggest motoring marketplace for car dealers and motorists to buy and sell cars through the website. AutoTrader was founded on the 16th April 1992. AutoTrader South Africa has been the trusted motoring marketplace for the past 28 years. Generations have used AutoTrader over the years to buy and sell their vehicles.

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Why AutoTrader South Africa is the Most Trusted Motoring Marketplace in South Africa

AutoTrader is South Africa’s most trusted motoring marketplace because it maintains no transactional barriers and directly connects buyers & sellers by displaying the physical address, telephone number, email address and website address. This South African owned business and digital marketing platform brings together buyers and sellers across all vehicle types.

Each year, the company invest millions in product enhancements and over the years, they have re-engineered and optimised key parts of their website. You can easily search for new and used cars for sale in South Africa through their site.

With over 5 million visits each month to its website, having a fully responsive mobile site is one of the key drivers to this massive website traffic.

AutoTrader (South Africa)

The Role of AutoTrader South Africa

AutoTrader connects the buyer and seller together with no barriers. The company is transparent with all sellers’ information so they don’t act as the middle man, forcing the car buyer to fill out forms online. Seller and buyer communicate directly together with their choice of communication method. So buyers can decide on how they want to contact the sellers. They can get in touch with them by either calling, emailing or walking into the dealership using the address listed on the AutoTrader website.

According to the company, over 70% of South African dealerships are advertised on AutoTrader South Africa. Thousands of private advertisers have sold their vehicles on AutoTrader

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