Gospel singer Sfiso Ncwane and Ayanda Ncwane

Ayanda Ncwane accepts awards on behalf of the late Sfiso Ncwane

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Ayanda Ncwane accepted awards on behalf of her late husband. Sfiso Ncwane’s legacy lives on even after his passing.

Popular gospel artist died at the age of 37 of kidney failure, in December 2016.

The late star was awarded with four awards at the Indond Awards, with his wife Ayanda Ncwane collecting them on his behalf.

Ayanda Ncwane shared shared a moment on Instagram and said “once again South Africans are saying Sfiso Ncwane’s legacy LIVES ON! Few day back Bab’Ncwane was honored and awarded with 1: BEST EVANGELIC GOSPEL MUSIC 2: OUTSTANDING COMMUNITY OUTREACH 3: BEST MUSIC PERSONALITY 4: PUBLIC LIFETIME LEGACY. These 4 honors under his name are a simple fruits of his hard-work, dedication and his humility on his ministry. Ncwane may be gone but the seed he saw in the ministry will forever be reaped. Generations to come will still sing his songs, and they will know his deeds.”


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