Azania Mosaka defends her daughter

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The daughter of influential radio personality, Azania Mosaka, Shamiso, couldn’t have imagined how a weekend she had long been waiting for could turn out so dramatically.

In a series of tweets during last night’s Migos Culture Tour concert, Shamiso shared some private information which has now gone viral, sparking controversy.

Migos was performing at The Dome in Johannesburg last night.

According to the tweets, it seems as though Migos member, Quavo, made an advance on Shamiso, even ”tapping” and asking her to come to his private section.

“Quavo just tapped me and asked me to go to his section. I just died. DIED,” Shamiso in the first tweet.

“Quavo just fed us alcohol, even if it was stroh, I’d take it,” the second tweet went.

As the dramatic reactions on Twitter began to mount, Shamiso did not let up, she continued.

“Quavo and Take Off have big d*cks and Offset [has] medium,” she tweeted.

She followed this up with an image of a man and woman in bed, fueling further speculations. The tweets have since been deleted and Shamiso’s account is now a private account.

Azania has also taken to Twitter to defend her daughter against what she calls “cyber bullying”.

Shamiso Azania Mosaka daughter

Twitter has been dragging Shamiso all day long, referring to her as “stocko”, a term used to refer to girls who are hired to entertain men at events in Jozi.

Shamiso Azania Mosaka daughter scandal

“I’ve always been very careful to let my daughter fight her own battles and learn her own lessons in life. But after seeing what has transpired this morning, I am compelled to give my view,” she started.

“I’m disappointed by how she posted about the experience. I’ve always warned her about the dangers of social media. I’ve spoken to her about last night and I believe her version of events. And a stand behind her as a mother and woman,” said Azania.

Check her series of tweets below:

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