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Best African dresses you should buy in South Africa

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Over the past years, we have seen the influx of African print clothing in the fashion industry. Today women have a wide selection of African dresses to choose from.

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Designers such as H&M, Steve Madden, Zara, Forever21 and local African dress design companies such as P&H boutique, Africa Fashion House Pretoria, Africa Fashion House, Fashion World and Shifting Sands African Couture classify this category of clothing as ethnic fashion.

Most of these African traditional dresses are made out of Ankara fabric. Other fashion designers use African print fabrics include Kente, Kitenge, Aso Oke, Dashiki, and Gele.

These African dress designs are designed in such a way to give a significant meaning. The colours and the pattern used to make the dresses can tell a person which ethnic group you belong to.

In South Africa, we have ethnic groups such as Xhosa people, Venda people, Zulu people, Tsonga people, Nguni people, Sotho people, Tswana people, Pedi people, and Swazi people just to name a few.

All these groups have some deep love for African print clothes. Usually, people wear these dresses on Sundays when they go to church, on traditional weddings, birthday party celebrations, and other related traditional ceremonies.

Most of these African dresses are hand-made and no dresses are exactly the same and most of these South African designers have limited stock. Popular areas to get these dresses around Gauteng is Pretoria, Midrand, Johannesburg CBD and China Mall.

Without wasting your time. We have decided to compile a list of African dresses which we think you might be interested in buying. As a man, you can also surprise your woman and buy her an African dress as a gift or present.

Top African dresses or African attire dresses:

  • Kente Off-The-Shoulder Dress
  • Traditional Print Umbrella Sundress
  • Kente Umbrella Dress & Head-Wrap
  • Traditional Print Luxury Skirt Set
  • Traditional Print Open Kaftan
  • Traditional Print Elegance Dress
  • Traditional Print Elastic Summer Dress
  • Traditional Print Sleeveless Dress
  • Dashiki Print Wrap Dress
  • Traditional Sleeveless Duster Dress
  • Kente Short Dress
  • Traditional Print Sundress: Short
  • Formal Trad Print Hi-Lo Dress
  • Traditional Print Elastic Princess Dress

List of South African stores that sell African print fashion or African print dresses:

Please note we have no affiliation with the clothing stores listed below. This article is based on our findings and we have decided to list them since they supply African print dresses.

  • David Tlale
  • P&H boutique
  • Africa Fashion House
  • Thula Sindi
  • Fashion World
  • Makotis in Johannesburg
  • Shalom Traditional Clothes & Accessories
  • Presidential Store OR Tambo
  • Bow Afrika Fashion
  • Urban Zulu
  • Designer Fabrics
  • H&M

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