Load Shedding App South Africa

Best Load Shedding Apps in South Africa

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Load shedding apps in South Africa help South Africans keep track of their Eskom load shedding schedule and stages. There are many best load shedding apps available for download on both iOS and Android devices. Once you download a load shedding app, you will get notifications about your loadshedding schedule and stages. In this article, we discuss top loadshedding apps including Eskom Se Push Load Shedding App and Load Shedding Notifier App. These are the two of the most popular loadshedding apps in South Africa. Both apps allow you to receive updates on when load shedding is scheduled. They also let you add your specific zone and suburb.

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What is a Load Shedding App?

A load shedding app is an application that helps users keep track of their load shedding schedule and stages in South Africa. Below is a list of the best apps for load shedding in South Africa.

Best Load Shedding Apps in South Africa


EskomSePush is the best load shedding app in South Africa. It allows you to get load shedding push notifications and predictions. This free app allows you to choose from over 50 000 areas and is available on Google Play Store.

Load Shedding Notifier

According to their official website, the Load Shedding Notifier App is the best load shedding app by far in South Africa. This load shedding app monitors the current Eskom load shedding status and notifies you if the power is scheduled to go off in your area. This app currently includes schedules for ALL Eskom supplied areas (nationwide) and ALL known municipality supplied areas (nationwide) that publish load shedding schedules.


The Loadshedding App is just like any other loadshedding app. It sends notifications before loadshedding occurs. It also allow you to access load shedding schedules for multiple suburbs or areas and proactively anticipate when load shedding will take place. The app is available for download on Google Play. This load shedding app for iPhone is also available.

Loadshedder Alert

The Loadshedder Alert app helps you track power outages in your business’s and your location as well as send through notifications of when it is scheduled to start and end.

Best Load Shedding Apps in South Africa
Best Load Shedding Apps in South Africa


Gridwatch load shedding app is one of the best loadshedding apps for iPhone and Android devices. By defining your area, the Gridwatch app will tell you if you are subject to Eskom’s load shedding or not. It sends notifications before the loadshedding starts.


The Loadshed load shedding app indicates whether Eskom is load shedding or not and if so, at which stage. You will also receive notifications on Eskom stage changes as well as your area’s load shedding status. When your area’s load shedding is about to start, you will also receive notifications.

There are many other best Eskom load shedding apps in South Africa. If you know other apps, let us know in the comment section below.

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