Sonto weeps for Mike

A bloody wedding for Mam Sonto [Gomora]

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After Sonto Molefe’s husband abandoned her with two children, she turned to a life of crime in order to raise her kids. When she celebrated her birthday in November, Sonto Molefe (real name Connie Chiume) had two grownup children and three grandchildren at her party.

At her age, frankly she can’t have expected to find love ever again. A month later, Bra Mike happened; an ex lover whom Sonto could never have to herself because of the small matter of his wedding ring. But Mike’s wife was dead and there was nothing to stop Sonto from finally being with the man she loved.

Teen rebellion on steroids

Feeling overlooked by his parents who focused all their love and attention on foster child, Teddy, Ntokozo began to act out. After twice running away to live with Mazet – an older girl with whom he has an on-again, off-again situationship – the Dlaminis finally managed to keep their son home. Having reached his wits’ end, Melusi sought the help of his sister, Gcina (real name Lindiwe Ndlovu), a no-nonsense Christian.

Aunt Gcina used intimidation and torture on Ntokozo, she made him stay up on his feet the entire night. When Ntokozo finally went to bed, Gcina woke him up and told him to get dressed because “other boys emakhaya are already up and herding cattle.” They were going to confront this Mazet woman who had “corrupted” her angelic nephew. If only she knew!

Melusi, desperate to get to the bottom of Ntokozo’s change in behaviour, played along but mum, Gladys, was sceptical of her sister-in-law’s methods.

At Mazet’s place, Aunt Gcina ignored the hostess’ offer of tea and, instead, held out her hand demanding R2,000. Whatever for, you wonder? To pay the prophet who was going to do a consultation on Ntokozo. Yoh! What kind of man of God needs two gorillas just to tell us what we already know? Anyway, Mazet reluctantly forked out the cash and off went Ntokozo and his weird aunt.

Ntokozo haunted by dead man

Gladys protested and kept her eyes sceptically open as the prophet prayed over an equally wide eyed and equally doubtful Ntokozo. Only Gcina and Melusi took the holy man seriously. Finally the prophet shuddered and asked Ntokozo, “what have you done?”

The rudeness had departed from his face and, in its place, came fear as the prophet declared that Ntokozo was followed everywhere by the spirit of a dead man. I’m not a prophet but even I know that the dead man is none other than Mbongeni Ndaba who was shot and killed by Ntokozo during a carjacking gone bad.

Ntokozo did a Wayde van Niekerk, leaving Melusi to ponder the suspicious nature of his son’s reaction.

Starting afresh

After running away, Ntokozo returned the following morning with a social worker and the police. He had reported his aunt and parents for child abuse. The Dlaminis were severely reprimanded by the social worker which must have stung Gladys especially since she makes a living from interfering with other people’s parenting methods. Aunt Gcina packed up her bags, leaving behind a brief but memorable cameo for the late great Lindiwe Ndlovu. May she rest peacefully.

Melusi and Gladys called for a truce after giving Ntokozo back his confiscated phone and house keys.

“We trust you,” they said.

But they would come to regret this. With his parents at work, Ntokozo held an orgy with two girls. Melusi came home to find him shirtless and fast asleep in the living room with the drunk girls sprawled on the chairs beside him. Marijuana and alcohol use was in evidence. Melusi quietly went upstairs. He returned with two packed bags just in time for Gladys’ entry. When she woke him up and shooed away the girls, Ntokozo found his bags packed. Tsamaya!

Back to crime

A joy ride with Mazet is what brought all of Ntokozo’s problems. But there he was, dragging his suitcase back to the same Mazet. She had already told him that he couldn’t live off her. Dressed in black – Ntokozo’s unlucky colour – they went out in search of a car to steal. Just then the perfect car appeared. Gusheshe. 1980s BMW sedan.

Ntokozo grabbed his gun and rushed to the BMW driver’s window and informed the gentleman behind the wheel of his intentions.


Hold on a moment.

One last crime spree for Sonto

After Mike found out Sonto’s car theft hustle, he called off the wedding. To win Mike back, Sonto renounced her life of crime. She surrendered the running of the tavern to Pretty and left the car theft business to Thathi. Mazet, who had expected to be the successor walked out and refused to work for Thathi. A client ordered ten luxury vehicles. London and Sdumo (Mohato’s former disciple) would not take orders from Thathi unless she agreed to a 60-40 split of the profits in their favour.

The deadline for delivering the cars was inching closer and Thathi had no carjacking team. No matter how old you get, when you’re in trouble, you always run back to your mother. That’s exactly what Thathi did. But Sonto refused to get involved. Carjacking was in her past. Unfortunately for Sonto, she had promised Mike a new house for the two of them. She needed lots of money, and fast. She agreed to do one last carjacking spree.

The first round of carjackings went well, until the driver of one car tried to be hero. Sonto Jackie Channed him and drove off in his car. When she got back home, acting the innocent bride, Mike spotted drops of blood on her white blouse. Sonto explained that away as a tomato sauce sachet that exploded on her.

The following day, Sonto and Thathi went back for another car while Sdumo and London went to find more cars. Mission accomplished.

Wedding day

As their wedding day approached, Mike mentioned his dream car to Mam Sonto; classic BMW 3 series sedan, Gusheshe. She was determined to get it. She placed an order with Thathi who sent a grumbling London to find it. He found the Gusheshe, Bra Mike loved it.

It was the day of their wedding, Sonto was prettified by her daughters who looked equally beautiful. To keep Mike away from interfering with the bride’s preparations, Sonto invited Mike to take “one last drive around Gomora” in his Gusheshe. Sonto did not realize the irony in her words; one last ride.

As Mike cruised through Jacaranda petal strewn streets, Sonto and her guests waited at the Molefe house which was a sea of white rental chairs and red roses. Even Khanyisa Titus would agree that this was their perfect wedding.

Death at a wedding

When Mike stopped his car at an intersection, a masked Ntokozo pulled out his gun and demanded the BMW. Mike got out and knocked the gun out of Ntokozo’s hand. The old man picked it up and aimed it at the terrified looking Ntokozo. Bang – a gunshot. Mike fell, as smoke rose from Mazet’s gun. Upon close inspection, she discovered that she had shot Mike. Aware of the consequences – Mam Sonto is going to kill us – Ntokozo panicked and ran away, suddenly realizing that people tend to die whenever he is with Mazet. Personally I think it’s the black clothes; Mbongeni, Mahlasela, discovering Mohato’s body and Mike, all these incidents happened when Ntokozo wore black, his bad luck colour.

Ntokozo’s guilty feet carried him home where he arrived, wide eyed and sweaty from fear and running. His puzzled parents stared at him before he wordlessly embraced his mother.

Meanwhile at the Molefe house, the groom staggered in, bleeding. He managed to tell Sonto that he had been shot in a carjacking attempt. He died, leaving behind a screaming Sonto. Karma right there. How many women has Sonto made into widows?

Enough dream scenes

Do you remember the time Teddy had sex with Manzi and then he woke up – it was just a dream. Sonto shot Mike when he tried to report her to the police. And then she woke up. I think this plot twist is now tired. Head writers, Phathu Makwarela and Gwydion Beynon need to move on from this.

Furthermore, they really ought to have pondered the logic of having Mike drive aaaaaall the way to Sonto rather than getting himself to a hospital. Who the heck does that?

Anyway, Mike was an annoying character, potentially abusive, judging by his temper tantrums. He won’t be missed.

Till next time, my pen is capped


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