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Boity Thulo’s Natural Hair Trends for 2021

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This year, natural hair continues to be at the forefront of fashion and beauty as more and more women embrace their curls, kinks and coils. This is according to Halo Heritage, the leading creators of luxurious natural hair care and fine fragrances crafted for the modern African woman – and the company that brought Boity Pink Sapphire and the Boity Haircare Collection to market.

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2020 was a big year for braids and other protective styles, particularly DIY styles and techniques that could be done while spending more time at home. In 2021, we expect more styles that are easy to achieve without professional help, as well as those that last longer and embrace decades gone by. While public events and gatherings may be on hold for now, there is no reason why women cannot try these stylish and popular hair trends for 2021 at home.

Bob with bangs

Bob with bangs

While the bob has always been a popular and timeless hairstyle that works across all hair textures, the bob and side bang look is having a moment. The more defined bob and bang look for 2021 features side bangs that add a cool new edge to the classic look.

Says Boity, the face and name behind the Boity Haircare range at Halo Heritage, “This look combines sophistication with a fun twist to a staple look. Curly bangs have also seen a growth in popularity and are expected to really catch on in the new year. The Boity Supreme Leave-in Conditioner should be your go-to product when rocking this style – simply spritz a light mist from root to tips of hair, wigs or weaves to combat frizz and dryness.”

Colour and texture galore

Adding a pop of colour to a classic haircut is a good way to make a statement and revitalise an old look without much effort. Natural hair enthusiasts are expected to play with more colour and texture this year as women continue to embrace their type 3 and 4 hair. While it is recommended that you get professional help when colouring, there are ways to safely colour from home. Just make sure to use the right products for protection and moisture for hair that’s as healthy as it is bold. The Sovereign Repair Serum is the perfect addition to any hair care routine as it encourages healing of brittle hair and provides protection against the pressure of styling.

Long braids or twists

Long braids or twists

For those planning on combining a chic new look with a protective style in 2021, long and braided is the way to go. “Long braids and twists are not only highly protective and uber-cool, but they add a retro spin to a classic and versatile look. Add some hair accessories to dress up your look and take it from day to night. Also, treat a dry scalp with the luxurious Illustrious Scalp Spray to ease discomfort and revive a damaged and itchy scalp. Creativity and authenticity are at an all-time high, and we expect these to shine through when creating natural hairstyles,” says Boity.

Natural texture

Boity Natural Texture

Natural texture is on-trend as many women are learning about and exploring their natural hair. It’s no wonder that embracing natural hair and its unique textures were all the rage in 2020 and the new year will be no different. Says Boity, “While naturally textured hair is hardly a new trend, embracing natural kinks and curls is new to many as women around the world continue to look at their hair in a more positive and healthy way. Just remember to use natural, delicate products like our Royal Cleanse Shampoo and Royal Repair Conditioner to keep your locks clean and well moisturised. Change is good, and this year, it’s all about changing mindsets to embrace the beauty of natural, textured hair.”

Bantu knots

Bantu knots Boity

For those times when it’s all about style and convenience, Bantu knots are the way to go. Bantu knots have redefined the protective hairstyle game while still being distinctively and effortlessly cool and stylish. It is a great protective hairstyle that combines tradition with contemporary style. It’s easy for many people to do at home and will increase in popularity as people stay in and do their hair themselves. After styling, use a product like the Empress Smoothing Gel to give edges a sleek, smooth and tapered look.

When in doubt, protective hairstyles are the way to go

Boity Thulo Protective style

Protective hairstyles work to seal in moisture, which is vital when maintaining healthy hair and retaining growth. The low manipulation of these hairstyles is also beneficial for hair growth as there is no need to comb or brush the hair.

Adds Boity, “Constantly changing and styling natural hair can lead to breakage and even stunt growth and protective hairstyles eliminate all of these concerns. Use products like the Sovereign Repair Serum, which is specially formulated to nourish fragile hair, enhance overall strength and lustre and stimulate hair growth, for extra protection and nourishment while locking in moisture.”

Getting the right products to match

With all the talk about hair trends and protective styles, another important aspect is getting the right products to keep that coily, kinky and curly hair in check and looking luscious and healthy. The Boity Haircare range is just the solution for type 3 and 4 hair, with a special emphasis on wavy, coiled, kinky and mixed textured hair types. The range of natural hair therapies have been designed to manage, maintain, revitalise and style natural hair with ease, all while keeping your locks healthy and beautiful.

“Create your own healthy hair care routine based on your hair texture for the most nourished, tame and beautiful tresses imaginable, the perfect way to start a new year,” concludes Boity.

About Halo Heritage

Halo Heritage are the leading creators of luxurious natural hair care and fine fragrances crafted for the modern African woman. Halo Heritage brings elegance and splendour to clean beauty, with an indulgent range of high-end, earth-friendly products formulated for body and hair. Carefully-nurtured for African curls, coils, and skin types, experience opulent, one-of-a-kind blends created with the highest level of care.

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