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Bonang Matheba tells the truth about dating famous men and heartbreak

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Bonang Matheba is without a doubt one of the most successful media personalities in South Africa. The star recently graced the cover of True Love Magazine for its June issue. 

Speaking to True Love Magazine, Bonang Matheba has opened up about dating famous men and heartbreak. She revealed some of the challenges that come with dating a famous man.

Bonang, who broke up with her ex-boyfriend AKA, told the magazine that it is difficult and it takes a lot of patience. It’s not just the two of you in that relationship but the prying eyes of fans and the public at large.

She went on to say she has learnt the trick is not to pay attention to what the person does for a living – fall in love with the human being.

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In her reality show called Being Bonang, Matheba told viewers that she cried for days after her break up with AKA.

“Let me tell you how I got over my break-up, I used to cry and cry for days, I locked myself up for days and I eventually got over it” – she shared.

She further told True Love that: “No one is immune to heartbreak. You can be a superstar, have all the money in the world and grace the cover of True Love, but your heart will be broken. That’s my life lesson! How you react to heartbreak builds your character and will strengthen you. You reach rock bottom and it forces you to get up and pull yourself together.”

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