Brand Khuli Chana continues to evolve with the launch of Khuli Chana Studios

Brand Khuli Chana continues to evolve with the launch of Khuli Chana Studios.

A true playground for creatives, the Khuli Chana Studios are a content creation hub that offers TV production facilities, podcasting, music production, sound engineering, webinars, conferencing, and events, just to highlight a few.

“What I’ve learnt from this experience is that if you want to have MORE, you MUST BECOME MORE. I’m slowly growing into the man I’ve always wanted to be. Thank you to my wife, my family and my fans,” shares Khuli Chana.

He adds: “I’m looking forward to breaking new talent and celebrating the living ICONS in this space.”

Brought in collaboration with Virtual Productions, IMMX, Sounds of GP, Yithi Media, Section 9 and Magnificent Comm; the Khuli Chana Studios have already hit the ground running – recently hosting a “Lunch Bar Legendary Life Session” music edition panel discussion with career coach Vumi Msweli, and now currently producing music content with some amazing acts for brand Jägermeister.

The launch of the Khuli Chana studios aligns with Khuli Chana’s long-time dream to become a Media House. This power move is the latest chess play from the music entrepreneur who already has TV show creator and executive producer credits to his Media House portfolio.

Image Courtesy: Supplied