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Builders seeks to bring out the builder inside all of us

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Leading retailer in the home improvement sector, Builders has launched its new brand platform and positioning: ‘Here’s to the builders. Here’s to home.’ to inform its marketing efforts going forward as it seeks to celebrate the builder inside everyone. Their promise remains ´Whatever you want or need to do, we help you save time and money, with quality solutions

“Because people are spending more time at home, they are interested in doing things themselves, whether it’s cooking or baking, home workouts or general home maintenance. This also means that new hobbies and habits are birthed, and that is why we want to support these passion points” shares Andre Steyn, vice president at Builders. Steyn took over the helm in February 2020, having been with the group for 20 years when he joined the retailer as a sales associate and worked his way up to marketing and innovations director before being appointed as vice president.

There is no denying that the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic took the world by surprise, with people having to quickly adapt to the new normal. This came with an introduction of a work from home culture amongst other changes, which meant that people had time to take a step back to and re-evaluate their lives and living spaces. Being home has unearthed little flaws in people’s living spaces with many to wanting to make tangible changes to reimagine their living spaces, thus spiking an interest in DIY and general home care solutions. With this new brand platform, Builders aims to inspire and support its consumers to bring out the inner builder in them.

“As Builders, we are not just for contractors or large and small businesses, but we are also for homemakers, hobbyists, creators, fixers, DIYers, who visualise, build and achieve their plans,” explains Steyn. “Whether they are just starting out, are established, or are slowing down, we work together to find ways to get it done,” he adds.

The platform has launched on digital platforms and is also supported by a TVC that is currently airing.

The new TVC brings a fresh take on nature-inspired scenes of homemaking and building, says Sharleen James, creative agency business lead on the Builders advertising account. “Whether you are a human, a stick-insect or an elephant, we’ve all got something incredible in common. Every single living thing on this earth has a deeply ingrained desire to protect, shelter, have comfort and to be safe at home. This desire brings out the builder in us.”


Builders forms part of Massmart Holdings Limited under the registered business name of Massbuild Pty Ltd. There are four complementary brands namely Builders Warehouse, Builders Express, Builders Trade Depot and Builders Superstore. Collectively these brands offer the largest range of quality products and services for the small to large building and maintenance contractor, home improvement and DIY enthusiast as well as garden or any other DIY related projects. The stores have convenient trading hours and locations and offer the largest range of quality products and services under one roof at competitive prices.

Builders Warehouse follows the big box or warehouse retail format and trades out of stores across South Africa. While Builders Express caters to homeowners and DIY enthusiasts. Builders Trade Depot caters mostly for medium to large-sized contractors and tradesmen engaged in building, maintenance and renovation projects. Builders Superstore is a new store format that opened its first two stores in November 2013 in Tembisa and Evaton which is aimed at homes in townships, rural and developing urban areas as well as small contractors. Builders has 109 stores in Southern Africa and continues to extend its footprint to other parts of the continent including Botswana, Mozambique, Zambia and Kenya.

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