Bujy Bikwa accuses Nandos SA

Bujy Bikwa accuses Nandos SA of using his name and not pay respect

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Zimbabwean-born South African radio host, television presenter and producer, Bujy Bikwa, real name Junior Bikwa, has accused fast food giant Nandos SA of using his name and not pay respect for their new product offering, the “Boujee Bowl.”

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After spotting the Nando’s new billboard for their product in traffic, Bujy took a photo and took to Twitter to take the company over their use of what he claims his idea without giving due respect.

“I’ve been Bujy stepping in the game since 2009 and @NandosSA comes with its Boujee Bowl as if the name is new… 😳 Nandos must pay respect where it’s due… I honestly don’t understand how they can just get away with using my name and not pay respect! (sic),” – Bujy Bikwa tweeted.

“Nonetheless, Nando’s fired back at Bujy for demanding respect. Their social media manager fired back by tweeting: “O ntse o phela? [Are you still alive] But then again… If you lived up to your name, you would’ve had your own bowl (sic)”.

Image Courtesy: instagram.com/bujy_bikwa

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