Cadbury P.S. DUO

Cadbury Introduces The New Cadbury P.S. DUO

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Cadbury has just introduced the new Cadbury P.S. DUO. The bar is a delicious new taste sensation that’s made to share. With two bars in one pack, it’s a decadently tasty addition to the Cadbury P.S. family and perfect for sharing.

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Still inspiring us with fun messages to express how we feel, Cadbury P.S. enthusiasts will love the latest addition of Cadbury P.S. DUO. Combining the best of both worlds P.S. DUO brings together layers of crispy wafer coated in scrumptious milk chocolate and smothered in creamy Caramilk.

In a busy, digital world, Cadbury P.S. DUO is the ideal opportunity to spark moments of real connection – taking the time to connect in real life with family, besties, sis or bros.

Cadbury P.S. DUO - Open pack

“We wanted to surprise Cadbury P.S. enthusiasts with their favourite chocolate bar but in a new format that not only combines all the deliciousness of Cadbury P.S. but also encourages them to enjoy the moment of sharing. With two bars in one pack, Cadbury P.S. DUO is a decadently tasty addition to the Cadbury P.S. family and perfect for sharing. So, the next time you want to (over) share on socials we recommend rather sharing a Cadbury P.S. DUO in real life,” says Lara Sidersky, Mondelez SA Category Lead for Chocolate.

Over the next month the Sobekwa, Siebritz, Petersen and Modiselle Twins will show what it is like to enjoy the best of both worlds. If you’re a Cadbury P.S. milk chocolate fan but your bro/sis thinks Cadbury P.S. caramilk is the OG then Cadbury P.S. DUO is for you!

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