Candice Robbertze

Candice Robbertze empowers the nation with the GROW project

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Candice Robbertze owns one of the largest health bakeries in South Africa, is the go-to professional for many celebrities when they need a body transformation, and the founder of the Candice Robbertze Foundation, an organization that is currently changing lives for the better.

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Candice’s biggest success story is Calorie Conscious, an artisan bakery specializing in wheat-, gluten- free, low-carb and Banting products, as well as alternatives to salt, sugar flavourants etc. “So many people struggle with allergies in our country,” says Candice, “and a lot of these conditions can be linked directly to ingredients found for example in baked goods. Because of this enormous need, we started Calorie Conscious 9 years ago.” With a distribution chain of more than 500 clients, including Checkers, SPAR, and Food Lover’s Market, nationwide, Calorie Conscious is quickly growing into a Health Food Empire.

But Candice’s success did not come easy. From the very start she had to fight to be considered a valuable and equal partner in the business world. “I am very vocal when it comes to equality, especially in the workplace,” continues Candice. “When men are decisive in business, they are good leaders. When women are strong, they are perceived as bossy or mean. We are also constantly judged by the way we look or dress. I might wear my designer outfits and stilettos to the boardroom, but I’m the first to change into overalls and gumboots to help my workers in the factory.”

In 2018 the philanthropist launched the Candice Robbertze Foundation, an organization that now assists more than 15 charities in need. One of these charities is an initiative called GROW (GRANT people at their RESIDENCE the OPPORTUNITY to WORK). This project sees Candice and her team go into communities to teach them how to grow vegetables. They supply the seeds and the support, and when they are ready, they purchase back the vegetables, helping these communities to become self-sustainable. All vegetable cut-offs and peels are donated to up-and-coming pig farmers to feed their livestock, and to make compost for the vegetable gardens, making sure nothing goes to waste. Thus far GROW has helped more than 100 families and feed an additional 50+ people every day with the produce they buy back.

“I’m extremely passionate about empowering people,” continues Candice. “That is why the GROW project is so close to my heart, because we help change people’s lives for the better. Not only do we make healthy food such as vegetables accessible to those in need, but we also give them the tools to generate a much-needed income from this. The plan is to take GROW and implement it all over South Africa, helping thousands, if not millions, of people,” concludes the passionate entrepreneur.


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