the finale of First Dates SA

Catch the finale of First Dates SA: Episode 10 (18 December)

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On Wednesday 18 December at 8PM tune into BBC Lifestyle (DStv channel 174) to catch the season finale of First Dates South Africa to witness a bunch of singles putting their best selves forwards in the hopes of finding their perfect match. Catch all the action as it unfold as each moment of their blind date is captured by discreetly placed cameras.

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During the finale, we find out that there are many reasons to smile on a first date. It’s the quickest way for the other person you know you like them, or not! Fussy Winfred has all the time in the world to find love, and Zuko is ready to trade in his party ways to settle down. Ursula has an alter ego called Lisa. Will Ronald handle not one, but two women on their date? Sarah and Kyle get down on one knee for each other. Will Jason be too much of a drag for Adam? Finally, love is on target when Shannon aims her sights on photographer Alaister.

24-year old Winfred aka. Winx, is hard to match. Her friends have tried, but she is very fussy, and won’t settle just because she is lonely. “I have time to wait it out!”. Her date is engineer Zuko. He spends a lot of his time in the gym maintaining his buff physique. His friends see him as more of a party boy who is not ready for a serious relationship. Zuko is out to prove them wrong. Winx’s curiosity is tickled when Zuko reveals he is a smart engineer. Is she impressed by his future prospects, or his hot body? So many distractions to keep a lady interested.

Ronald has a motto he lives by. “Play hard, work hard and be kind to people.” After being single for four years, he is ready to break his lonely streak. He has a soft spot for woman with nice hair. Ursula last cut her short in high school. That was 18 years ago! She has also been single for many years, and her ideal type is an ‘old school’ man. Their date takes a humorous turn when Ursula introduces Ronald to her alter ego, Lisa! Lisa only comes out after a few tequilas. Ronald is a total gentleman and his cool, level head nature reels Ursula and Lisa in like a pro angler. Will he net a second date, or lose them both on the hook?

19-year old free-spirted Sarah is tired of being called cute. She is very nervous for her date, and barman Travis has his work cut out calming her down. Nothing a large glass of wine can’t settle! Her ideal man would share her passion for music and life. 20-year old Kyle is a self-taught musician. He is a worldly young man, having backpacked through Vietnam last year. From the get-go their connection is mutual, so much so that they think they may have even matched on Tinder recently. Their shared love for a certain British drama series has Kyle getting down on one knee. It’s everything a first date should be, and more.

22-year old fashion student Jason just wants to be appreciated for being pretty. He has an eclectic dress sense and wants to be accepted for his feminine side. Actuary Adam is here to drink coffee and find love. He has already drunk his coffee, so that leaves love. He is past putting people into boxes and prefers to focus on the positive side of life. His ideal mate is a man who is ‘out-there’ and not closeted.

Jason has more to him that meets the eye. Adam is open minded, but will Jason’s reveal of having two personas be a deal breaker? Dating can sometimes be a drag, but will the surprise on this date lead to something more?

28-year old press photographer Alaister is ready to give dating a shot. As a single father, he is out of practice in this arena. He lives on the edge, covering breaking news stories at ground level. 25-year old graphic designer Shannon prefers to live a far safer existence and wants a man to help push her boundaries. Will Shannon be comfortable dating a dad, and will Shannon’s aim be off when she pulls the trigger about her favourite past time? Love isn’t always on target when it comes to dating…

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