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Celebrity Weddings

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A wedding is always a special event, besides celebrity weddings. Most girls spend their formative years planning the perfect wedding. As the world is not always fair, there are some that get to live this dream and for some it will never be a reality.

Well, that dream wedding will be a wedding that is beyond anything that some even dreamt of. These are the celebrities of this world. The people that are getting married after life has given them that lucky break. Because of that opportunity, they find themselves with a lot more than they had dreamt of. The result is that they end up having the most spectacular weddings.

What Makes Celebrity Weddings So Wow

Star Power

You cannot really buy this for your wedding. Unless you are a Kardashian, of course. The rest of humanity will have to be content with having our local celebrities at their event. For some celebrities, just the two of them getting married is enough of star power for an event. The presence of their friends only increases this.

Mad money for your celebrity weddings

Not just money but mad money. This is the kind of money that will buy you the top designers to come do your wardrobe for the wedding. Besides personally looking good, there is enough to get the top venues and decorate them to your heart’s content and beyond. This is the wedding which will also appear on TV programs such as Top Billing on SABC 3.

Rachel & Siya Kolisi Celebrity weddings

For the rest of us to have such a wedding, we would need to get a little more money than what the average banker is willing to lend. Getting a loan for a wedding has become a very common practice. However, this is not advisable of course. It is never advisable to start a new family on the back of borrowed money. Trying to join some celebrity campaigns could be a better way to try and raise money for that celebrity-style wedding.

But the most important thing at a wedding is the love. Let the love you share be the fireworks at your wedding. That is what makes a real celebrity wedding. A union of two people that cherish each other and are committed to one another.

See some of South African Celebrity Weddings of 2016 below

1. Clint Brink & Steffi van Wyk

2. Rolene Strauss & D’Neil Strauss

3. Sarah Langa Heaton & Jehan MacKay



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