Coming up on First Dates SA: Episode 3 (30 October)

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On Wednesday 30 October at 8PM tune into BBC Lifestyle (DStv channel 174) and watch episode 3 of First Dates SA to witness a bunch of singles putting their best selves forwards in the hopes of finding their perfect match. Catch all the action as it unfold as each moment of their blind date is captured by discreetly placed cameras.

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The First Dates restaurant opens its doors to South African singles putting their best selves forwards for a blind date in the hope of finding their perfect match. Discreetly placed cameras capture every moment of the action as it unfolds.

What is Love? In episode three, we ask the question. Five meticulously matched couples are on a first date, including recently retrenched architect Walter who is matched with engineering recruitment manager Caitlin. Motoring journalist Gugu is looking for a woman to get his heart racing. His date is Kenyan born Cindy, who brings along a box of questions to hit the accelerator on good conversation. Will travel consultants Floyd and Mosima’s similar careers be enough to spark a relationship? Will family first and all round nice guy Peter make the grade with happy snappy and sometimes just snappy photographer Nicole? Then there’s bookworm Efemia, who is matched with football coach Mbali, who practices a strict no kissing rule until lucky date number five – will Efemia have the words to charm that rule into being broken? Who will succeed and get themselves that second date?

Standing 6 feet 5 inches tall, Walter is a gentle giant who is looking for love. His past relationships never work out and he is looking to break this cycle and finally settle down. Capetonian Caitlin is direct and to the point. She has never been in love and likes to be in the driving seat of her life. The perfect person to give Walter a new direction. Their date is filled with intimate revelations and shared interests. Will Walter walk away with a second date, or simply a meeting to help find him a new job?

Mosima & Floyd First Dates South Africa

26-year old motoring journalist Gugu is lonely. He has come to the right restaurant! Despite oozing charm and charisma, he can’t find a woman to stick around. Hopeless romantic Cindy is looking for Mr. Right to click with. Gugu opens up about when he decided to take himself seriously, and Cindy reveals the moment when her life changed forever. The chemistry between these two singletons is electric but will it be enough to see sparks fly?

Self-confessed mommy’s boy Peter is ready to leave home in Balitto and find a woman to build a nest with. Durban based boudoir photographer Nicole needs a man who can match her feisty nature. Forget main course, these two skip straight to dessert. Nicole does not mix her words and very quickly establishes the rules with Peter and their date.Will their date see connections form, or will all the rules see Peter run for the hills?

Travel agent Floyd is a catch. He is good looking and has a job. He has travelled the world and is now ready to settle down. Mosima is also a luxury travel specialist. They come from different worlds but their shared travel experiences create a good first impression. It’s all downhill from there. Floyd mispronounces Mosima’s name, calling her “a hole” in Tswana, and then tells her she looks older than she is. Will he be able to pull things back on track, or will the both be booking solo vacations to recuperate from the experience?

Ghanaian-Zambian publisher Efemia is struggling to fall in love. She is looking for love, sex or magic, or all three, on her date! Efemia is matched with brash football coach Mbali, who wants a woman just like Efemia. Efemia is not sure how to handle Mbali at first meet. Mbali is slightly younger and Efemia is taken aback when they down a tequila and eats a whole lemon within seconds of meeting. Things don’t remain sour for long. A major snag in the evening is Mbali’s “no kissing” policy. Will they break their 5-date rule in the hope of securing a second date with Efemia?

Show repeats are on Saturday at 6PM on BBC BRIT.

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