Discord Fonts, What Are They & How To Use Them?

Discord fonts refer to the different styles and formats you can use to customize the appearance of text within the Discord messaging platform. Discord supports a variety of text formatting options, including bold, italics, underline, and strikethrough. Additionally, you can use code blocks, inline code, block quotes, and spoiler tags to format your messages.

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What Are Discord Fonts?

Discord fonts refer to the various text styles or fonts that users can utilize within the Discord platform to customize their messages, usernames, server names, and other text elements. These fonts can range from standard styles like Arial or Times New Roman to more decorative or stylized options such as bold, italic, underline, or strikethrough. Additionally, users can employ external tools or Unicode characters to further customize their text appearance within Discord.

How To Use Discord Fonts?

There isn’t a built-in way to change fonts on Discord, but you can achieve a similar effect using two methods:

  1. Discord Font Generators: These websites or tools convert your text into special symbols that resemble different fonts. Here’s how to use them:

    • Find a Discord font generator online (search for “Discord font generator”).
    • Type your desired message in the tool.
    • The tool will display your message in various “fonts.”
    • Choose the font style you like and copy it.
    • Paste the copied text into your Discord chat.
  2. Markdown Formatting: Discord uses Markdown for basic formatting options. While not exactly different fonts, you can style your text using bold, italics, and underlines:

    • Bold: Surround your text with asterisks (*) This is bold text
    • Italics: Underscore your text (_) This is italic text
    • Underline: Put wavy lines (~) around your text ~~This is underlined text~~

Remember that these methods won’t guarantee everyone sees your text the same way. It depends on their device and fonts. Use these for emphasis sparingly to avoid making your messages difficult to read.

Where To Get Discord Fonts

You can’t download fonts specifically for Discord since Discord itself doesn’t use different fonts like a program like Microsoft Word. However, there are websites that can generate text that appears in fancy styles which are sometimes called “Discord fonts”.

Here are some ways to find these generators:

  • Search for “Discord font generator” online. This will bring up various websites that offer this functionality.
  • Some examples of popular Discord font generators include [Discord Font Generator] and [Fancy Discord Text Generator].

Discord Fonts FAQs

What are Discord Fonts?

Discord fonts aren’t actual fonts you can choose within the app, unlike a word processor. Instead, they are special characters that mimic letters, creating the illusion of different fonts.

How do I use Discord Fonts?

There are two main methods:

  1. Discord Font Generators: These websites convert your text into lookalike fonts. Here’s how:

    • Search online for “Discord font generator.”
    • Type your message and the tool will display it in various styles.
    • Choose your preferred style, copy it, and paste it into your Discord chat.
  2. Markdown Formatting: Discord uses Markdown for basic styling. While not true fonts, you can format text with bold, italics, and underline:

    • Bold: Asterisks (*) surround the text. (e.g. This is bold text)
    • Italics: Underscore (_) the text. (e.g. This is italic text)
    • Underline: Wavy lines (~) around the text. (e.g. ~~This is underlined text~~)

Are there any downsides to using Discord Fonts?

  • Compatibility: Not everyone sees your text the same way. Different devices and fonts can alter the appearance.
  • Readability: Excessive use can make messages difficult to read.

Tips for Using Discord Fonts:

  • Use them sparingly for emphasis.
  • Consider your audience and how they might interpret the font style.

Can I download custom fonts for Discord?

No, Discord doesn’t allow custom fonts within the app itself.


In conclusion, Discord doesn’t have built-in font options, but there are creative workarounds to add flair to your messages.

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