Gospel is arguably one of South Africa’s biggest music genres at the moment, but according to one of its biggest acts, Dr Tumi, it needs to be shaken up dramatically.

Dr Tumi, who has been performing in South African gospel for longer than most of us have been walking, is extremely tired of the unoriginal sounds that are coming out of the industry. Speaking to Tshisa Live he said:

“I think that South African gospel music has come a long way, but one of things that is my personal dream is when you can go into a store to buy music. When you can go to the gospel music shelf and every album you pick up is new content, not recycled. I believe that there is still a lot of recycling that happens.”

However, he did not criticize only the gospel industry. He added that recycling is commonplace in many other genres.

“That is still my sad sore point: That there is so much recycled music in the industry. Perhaps the major record music labels believe that is what sells, but there is hope because we are doing new content and, at points, outselling the recycled content,”

Source: MTV

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