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DStv Cancellation: How to Cancel DStv Subscription

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DStv Cancellation Guide for South Africans who don’t know tow to cancel DStv subscription. DStv is one of the leading satellite TV service providers in Africa. The purpose of this article is to show you the steps you need to take to cancel your DStv subscription.

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DStv Cancellation South Africa

People cancel their subscriptions for various reasons. Some cancel because they can’t afford, while others cancel because they found DStv alternatives such as Showmax, Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime. For whichever reason they might have, there are many ways to cancel DStv in South Africa.

There are three ways to cancel your DStv subscription. You can visit any of their call centres or cancel your DStv subscription online or use the DStv app to cancel the subscription.

How to Cancel DStv Subscription

How to Cancel DStv Subscription in South Africa

Cancel DStv Online

Visit www.dstv.co.za and sign in with your email address / mobile phone number and password. Once logged in, choose to cancel. You can always reconnect to your package if you want.

Cancel DStv By Visiting A Nearest Call Centre

You can call or visit the nearest DStv call centre to get help from a qualified DStv customer care agent who will assist you with DStv cancellation. To cancel the package, you will be required to fill the cancellation form and submit it.

Cancel Dstv Using the DStv App

Alternatively, you can cancel Dstv by using the DStv app. To cancel, log into your app and select the settings. You will see delete my account. Click on that button to remove your DStv account. After this step, your DStv subscription will be successfully cancelled.

That’s it about how to cancel a DStv package in South Africa. For all DStv customer and service-related queries, please visit www.dstv.com or selfservice.dstv.com or contact them on [email protected] DStv Call Centre Number is +27 11 289 2222.

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