DSTV packages channels and prices 2019

DSTV packages, channels and prices in 2019 Announced

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DSTV packages, channels and prices in 2019 Announced – MultiChoice has recently revealed that they have implemented their annual price adjustments for DSTV packages and channels for 2019.

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Multichoice said in a statement: “DStv has announced that it will be adjusting some of the prices of its subscription packages from 1 April 2019. However, Africa’s leading video entertainment company has managed to keep the average increase below consumer inflation levels”

“We understand that times are tough in South Africa and that our customers are under pressure to make every cent they spend count,” said Multichoice.

As reported by IOL, the company also said that it will be giving a “freeze the price” of DStv Premium from 1 April 2019, ensuring customers will pay the same rate for their package.

When it involves the DStv packages, the one crucial question that viewers raise is however do I check my DStv package? This supplier has seven packages: Premium, Family, Compact, Compact and, Access, EasyView, and Portuguesa. Whereas completely different DStv packages and costs vary, they’re all placed in balanced teams with channels that suit completely different members of the family. This ensures the viewer gets the most effective attainable viewing expertise.

Before creating a payment for a particular package, check that the actual channels that you just need in this bouquet. this is often as a result of you may not feel the complete viewing expertise on provide if you’ve got plenty of channels, however you are doing not just like the content on the play list. To examine your package, you wish to register on the self-service section of the official DStv web site and build associate degree account mistreatment your smartcard variety. Once registration, you’ll be able to log in and think about your package on your account profile. Here could be a list of accessible packages, their channels, and price.

DStv price from April 2019

The monthly subscription fee for MultiChoice’s costliest and most cost-effective packages can stay unchanged, whereas there is a value hike for all of the opposite DStv packages. The monthly subscription fee for DStv Premium can stay unchanged at R809, and also the subscription fee for DStv simple is unchanged at R29 per month.

The Access Fee of R90 is additionally being exaggerated to R95 per month that subscribers should pay if they need to use a private video recorder (PVR) decoder just like the DStv Explora.

DStv Family, aimed toward the mass market, can see a rise of half dozen.42% from R249 to R265 per month – the DStv package with the largest increase, followed by DStv Access which will increase from R99 to R105 – Associate in Nursing annual increase from 2018 of half dozen.06%.

The monthly value of DStv Compact and can increase by one.96% from R509 to R519 per month.

The percentage increase of all of the DStv packages this year is under the share increase from 2017 to 2018, aside from DStv Access which will see a half dozen.06% increase whereas the worth remained unchanged last year.

Check the below 2019 DStv packages

DStv Price Increases 2019 Price 2018 Price
DStv Premium R809 R809
DStv Compact Plus R519 R509
DStv Compact R399 R385
DStv Family R265 R249
DStv Access R105 R99
DStv EasyView R29 R29
Add-ons 2019 Price 2018 Price
Access Fee R95 R90

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6 Replies to “DSTV packages, channels and prices in 2019 Announced”

  1. My Mom who is a pensioner is looking for a DSTV package – we are looking at your DSTV COMPACT package, I need to know which channels she receives on this package please. There are 115 channels but exactly which is what we require to know.

    Many Thanks

  2. I am a pensioner and cannot afford the premium or compact packages. The only TV channel I watch is KYK NET and only from 18:00 to 21:00 I do use the radio channels allot. Can you please advice me on which package I should buy? Can I buy eazy view and add on Kyknet?
    Thank you
    Petro Pretorius

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