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DStv Subscription Price Increase For 2022

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DStv has announced that they will increase the prices of certain DStv packages from 1 April 2022. “At 2.7%, the weighted adjustment across of DStv’s offerings for 2022 is significantly lower than the projected CPI for the year,” said MultiChoice.

DStv Premium price has increased from R829 to R839 and the subscribers will pay the increased price as of 1 April 2022. There will be no increase for DStv EasyView subscribers.

DStv Compact Plus increases from R539 to R549 and DStv Compact from R409 to R429. DStv Family will increase from R295 to R309 a month and DStv Access increases from R115 to R120 per month.

MultiChoice South Africa CEO Nyiko Shiburi said the adjustments followed a period of increased value offerings from DStv in the form of local and international general entertainment and sports content, DStv Internet, and Rewards.

DStv package increases from 1 April 2022:

  • Premium subscribers will pay 1.21% or R10 more per month;
  • Compact Plus subscribers will pay (+1.86% or R10);
  • Compact subscribers will pay (+4.89% or R20);
  • Family subscribers will pay (+4.75% or R14) and
  • DStv Access subscribers will pay (+4.35% or R5).

He said the pricing for Easyview, Showmax, Add Movies and BoxOffice would remain unchanged for 2022.

“DStv has considered the challenges facing South African consumers and has once again absorbed as much of the increase of the cost of doing business as possible in order to implement minimal adjustments.”

“We realise that customers remain under pressure two years into the Covid-19 pandemic. These adjustments will help us to ensure that South Africans continue to enjoy the best value, and unrivalled access to entertainment, anywhere, anytime, and at the most affordable price,” – he said

DStv has also bolstered its Rewards offering. Subscribers are given access specials, competitions, and customer discounts as well as benefits from BoxOffice, Showmax and other DStv related products and services.

“We are driving the African storytelling agenda by creating locally rooted content with a growing global appeal, developing unique content that resonates with our subscribers. This year subscribers can look forward to more sparkling entertainment and sport like the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the Springboks’ incoming and outgoing tours and the Rugby Championship. Customers can also look forward to continued savings thanks to discounts on our DStv Internet bundles,” says Shiburi.

South Africa DStv Packages For 2022

  • DStv Easy View Package cost R29/month with 36+ TV Channels.
  • DStv Access Package costs R120/month with 67+ Channels.
  • DStv Family Package costs R309/month with 93+ Channels.
  • DStv Compact Package costs R429/month with 127+ Channels.
  • DStv Compact Plus Package costs R549/month with 144+ Channels.
  • DStv Premium Package costs R829/month with 159+ TV Channels.

Some of its video streaming competitors charge the following per month:

  • Showmax: R99
  • Netflix: R99 to R199
  • Amazon Prime Video: R45 – R79
  • Viu: R29 – R69

DStv price increases for 2022

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