EPL Log Standing: Latest English Premier League Standings

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EPL Log Standing is an official record of the the Premier League, often referred to as the English Premier League or the EPL standings. EPL is popular in South Africa even though it is an international tournament. EPL stands for English Premier League. Founded in 1992, with headquarters in London, United Kingdom, the EPL is the trading name of the Football Association Premier League Limited. If you are a soccer fan in South Africa and love international competitions, you can check the current EPL Log Table below. In this article, you will learn more about EPL Log Standing for 2021 in South Africa.

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What is EPL Log?

EPL Log Standing is an official record showing a list of all 20 clubs that are in the English Premier League. As mentioned, the EPL Log standing / table consists of 20 teams.

The table includes important information such as the Position, Club’s Name, Goal Difference, Matches Played, and Points.

The below are the abbreviations you would notice on a EPL Log Standing today.

  • GP (Games played so far)
  • W (Wins – How many games have they won from the games played)
  • D (Draws – How many games have been drawn?)
  • L (Losses – Games they have lost or were defeated in)
  • GF (Goals For – Refers to the number of goals the team has scored altogether)
  • GA (Goals against – Number of goals all the teams have scored against them)
  • GD (Goal Difference – refers to the difference between GF and GA)
  • PTS (Points – Points gained from draws and wins)

EPL Log 2021: English Premier League Log Table

Standings provided by SofaScore LiveScore

You can also visit the below URLs to double check the latest EPL Standings in South Africa.

  • https://www.premierleague.com/tables
  • https://supersport.com/football/premier-league/logs
  • https://www.skysports.com/premier-league-table
  • https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/premier-league/table

About Premier League

The Premier League was founded in 1992. The Premier League head office is based in central London. The organization has a staff of 182 people who deliver across a range of roles including football, coach development, community, youth development, safeguarding, broadcast, commercial, communications, digital, finance, legal, marketing and policy.

The Premier League is the organizing body of the Premier League with responsibility for the competition.

Image Courtesy: www.standard.co.uk

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