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Facebook Messenger: retrieve messages now

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If you are fast, you can accidentally delete messages from chats. Users of the social network Facebook have in most cases also the app on the smartphone. Only direct messaging is not included. For this, Facebook provides a separate app with Facebook Messenger. We keep you up to date on all news and information about the messenger app from Facebook up to date.

Facebook Messenger allows new delete function for chats

Yum, that should not be out! Anyone who accidentally sent their messages too early or to the wrong person with the Facebook Messenger had to live with the result so far. But now there is a way out of the misery: Since Tuesday, the most popular messenger to WhatsApp has the ability to pay off his sent messages from the chats. This was announced by Facebook in a message. The only condition: The latest version of the app must be installed on the smartphone.

Quick finger: delete messages under ten minutes

The rule here is: the faster one wins! If you want to send your messages back to Nirvana within the first ten minutes after submitting, you can do that. If you notice his mistake later, you can not change anything. The messages can be deleted within the chats with individual contacts and also from group chats. The new feature is available in both the current app version for iOS and Android phones.

Facebook Messenger: This is how you retrieve messages sent too soon

Since autumn 2018, Facebook has already tested the new feature. The function, which is much longer with the messenger sister WhatsApp, is used accordingly:

  • Open the messenger chat and never select message to be deleted
  • Tap for at least 3 seconds on the message you want to delete
  • In the menu choose between “delete” (for you) and “delete for all”
  • The deleted message is no longer visible
  • In the speech bubble is now for all participants of the chat the information that something has been deleted

New shine for the Facebook Messenger

Facebook has turned his messenger over. The Android version of the app now appears in a new design. This has been known for some time, but now starts the rollout of the update for the new Facebook Messenger. The focus of the design in the latest version is now again on the individual chats. For games or automatic messages, there is now a separate tab. As smartdroid reports, the update is version number 197.

Currently the update is not mentioned in the Google Play Store. The screenshots of what the new design looks like are also missing here. This probably means that the rollout will progress slowly. Also with us the new version is not yet available. Here we have to be patient for a few more days. Nevertheless, the distribution should already run internationally. It will also be a necessary update for Facebook Messenger.

The advertisements are followed by the video advertisement

As the US-American portal recode reports, the promotional videos are even supposed to be self- starting videos – the form of videos that annoy the user the most and interfere with everyday life. If you scroll in the future through your own chat history, playback of the ad will start automatically.

Nevertheless, Facebook affirms: “The user experience is our top priority,” says Stefanos Loukakos, who is responsible for Facebook Messenger. One does not know whether this type of advertising will actually work.However, previous user tests would show no changes in the use of the messenger or the number of messages sent. From Monday, June 25th, the first users will see the videos in Messenger, says Loukakos. So far, it does not look as if you can issue the autoplay as a user in the settings. That’s not surprising, because videos bring significantly higher advertising revenue than classic banner ads.

Follow the Facebook Messenger now WhatsApp?

The self-starting videos in Facebook Messenger should not exactly please the users of the Facebook chat program. Unfortunately, another messenger that belongs to Facebook may soon be affected by advertising. We’re talking about WhatsApp . Since then, the world’s most popular chat messenger in the hands of Facebook is, came up again and again the rumor that WhatsApp would not remain too long to be ad-free. Since the two founders are no longer on board at the end of 2017, advertising on WhatsApp is becoming more and more likely. However, there is still no official information about the advertising plans on WhatsApp.

Image Courtesy: Cnet.com

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