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Fans Notice Embarrassing Moment in Ryan Reynolds’ ‘6 Underground’ Netflix Movie

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Netflix users have already spotted an embarrassing blunder in the new Netflix original movie 6 Underground. 6 Underground, which is now available to watch on Netflix South Africa, stars Ryan Reynolds, who appears in two places at once in one scene.

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In this Michael Bay $150 million action movie stars Ryan Reynolds, Corey Hawkins, Ben Hardy, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Mélanie Laurent, Adria Arjona and Dave Franco.

Reynolds is a nameless philanthropist and American billionaire who made his fortunes from inventing neodymium magnets. He fakes his own death to form an anonymous vigilante squad to take down criminals and terrorists that governments will not go after.

Early on in the movie, there is a car chase complete with rolls, smashes and sparks. Reynolds’ character is supposedly in the car that rolls over, although he can also be seen standing casually in the background taking an Instagram video.

In 6 Underground (2019) at 14:42 you can see Ryan Reynolds recording a video for his social media from MovieDetails

Reddit user u/thejokerjackson noticed that Reynolds can be seen in the background leaning against the wall in a street and chatting to his Instagram followers about the shoot. The scene looks exactly the same as the promotional video that Reynolds posted on his Instagram page last year September.

“Best part about shooting with Michael Bay?” he said in the video. “I don’t know. A lot of people would say the action, but for me, it’s the stillness. Those quiet moments” – Reynolds joked in the video before a high-speed car chase drowns him out.

Watch the below video from his Instagram account:


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As pointed out by MovieDetails on Reddit, if you pause the movie 14 minutes and 42 seconds in, you can spot Ryan Reynolds leaning against the wall in the background.

Image Courtesy: digitalspy.com

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