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Farmer Angus expands partnership with Checkers to include charcuterie selection

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Checkers is expanding its partnership with Farmer Angus to launch an exclusive range of charcuterie. This makes Checkers the only national retailer to offer charcuterie free from nitrates, nitrites or gluten.

Angus McIntosh made headlines last year when he sold – and helped finance – 85% of his egg business to his employees.

Checkers is expanding its relationship with Farmer Angus to include an exclusive range of artisanal charcuterie. In a supermarket first, the range of cured meats contain no nitrates, nitrites or gluten. This makes Checkers the only national retailer to offer charcuterie of this incredible quality without any of these additives.

This move follows the popular partnership with Farmer Angus EGGS, which is available from the unique Eggmobiles stationed inside Checkers Stellenbosch and Checkers Constantia.

McIntosh made headlines last year when he sold 85% of his egg business to staff members, who kept the brand and benefit from McIntosh’s ongoing presence and support. The partnership with Checkers was a major boost for the farm, and agriculture empowerment in general.

Like Farmer Angus EGGS, the new charcuterie range prioritises health, quality, and environmental concerns.

This includes using farming methods like regenerative agriculture and rotational grazing, so as to limit the impact of their operations on the environment. And its pigs are raised on a natural diet in pastures where plants, animals and insects thrive in harmony with one another, which make for an exceptional product that’s sensitive to the environment.

Farmer Angus charcuterie is made with great care and expertise from pork sourced directly from their own farm, and cured using traditional charcuterie processes. The range includes salami sticks, salami feline, and salami slices, pancetta, prosciutto, and black forest and coppa ham and is available from selected Checkers supermarkets across South Africa.

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