Come Dine With Me South Africa

Finale of Come Dine With Me South Africa Season 5: Episode 13 (3 June)

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It’s the final week of season five of Come Dine With Me South Africa and we’re heading to Cape Town to witness our last bunch of competitive hosts cook up a storm.

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The finale sees hippy-at-heart Yvette, chilli king Brian, pescatarian fundraising pro Rasheda and good-time guy Imtiyaazall providing a big dose of Cape humour, but who will come out on top?

Night one falls to extrovert and hippy Yvette to host. Kicking off this week’s battle of the chilli’s, Yvette starts her menu off with periperi chicken livers, lamb shanks for mains and concludes with poached pears for dessert. Yvette’s love-filled prep, positive energy and talk-a-minute nature sets the bar high. With an evening filled with banter, fun and hilarious comments–will it be the winning night?

Night two and its home-growing chilli expert Brian’s turn to host. In an attempt to turn up the heat in the competition, Brian serves his guest a menu of butter chicken with spoon bread for the starter, a lamb vindaloo for mains and a ginger pudding for dessert. A profusion of sweat, hundreds of chilli and talk of the Cape sees Brian plod his way through prep but forget to dress to his own disco theme! Can Brain stand the heat in the kitchen and come out the chilli king, or will his evening burn his guests’ taste buds away and land him some tepid scores?

Night three falls to serial entertainer and avid pescatarian Rasheda to host. Out to win it, Rasheda’s menu consists of smoked mussels and roti starter, butter chicken curry (for the second night in a row) for mains and an elachi and rosewater panna cotta with pistachio brittle for dessert. Her prep doesn’t quite go to plan and Brian fails to follow the ‘Spice Around the World ‘dress code, resulting in the night getting off to a rocky start, but will Cape Town’s self-appointed queen of entertaining do enough to impress the others and beat the previous two nights?

It’s night four and the pressures on for barman Imtiyaaz to win the cash prize. While charming his guests to tears with a series of heartfelt gifts and gestures, does he have a menu to match? All with cryptic titles, he serves his guest ‘Who Lies in a Pineapple Under the Sear ‘for starters,‘ Prawn to be Wild ‘for mains, and a ‘Berry Beautiful Say Cheese ‘dessert, he’s in with a fighting chance. Brian tops the night by doing the splits on the dance-floor but who will steal centre stage when the winner is revealed?

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