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What Is Flixtor South Africa? Is Flixtor Legal in South Africa?

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Flixtor South Africa is a streaming site that allows South Africans to watch latest movies and TV shows for free online. Flixtor in South Africa became very popular during the lockdown period in South Africa because most people started working from home. It is a one-stop hub for latest movies and TV series. Flixtor features movies in multiple genres such as Horror, Thriller, Comedy, Animation, Action Movies and much more. According to their “About Us” page, they claim that Flixtor is a fully automated video search engine. It does automated scans of streaming websites and lists the best quality videos it found. In this article, we discuss whether is Flixtor is legal in South Africa or not. After reading this article, you will know more about this infamous movie streaming site.

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What Is Flixtor?

Flixtor is a streaming site for latest movies and TV shows for free in South Africa. You can watch latest Animated, Bollywood, Hollywood, South African and Chinese movies on this streaming site. According to research in South Africa, the site has over 10 000 titles that you can either watch online or download and watch later on your mobile device or computer.

Is Flixtor Legal in South Africa?

Flixtor is not legal in South Africa. According to research, any site that offers copyrighted material without the owner’s permission is illegal. Even though the site in South Africa is not blocked, this doesn’t mean it is legal to watch and download movies from Flixtor in South Africa.

”The Copyright Act of 1978 protects copyright laws and ensures that people don’t use existing content for monetary gain. The South African Federation Against Copyright Theft (SAFACT) protects the intellectual property rights of its members in the Southern African film, home entertainment and interactive games industries. This non-profit organization regulates copyright infringements in SA and take perpetrators to court.”

South Africa has laws and regulations in place to curb piracy with harsh punishments, but free movie and TV series streaming sites such as Flixtor South Africa keep emerging, making copyrighted content available to the public to watch for free without paying for it.

Flixtor South Africa

Is Flixtor Safe to Watch Movies and TV Shows in South Africa?

One of the biggest fears many movie fans in South Africa fear, is the safety of a website while streaming TV shows and movies for free online. According to research in South Africa, Flixtor is a safe website to stream latest movies and TV shows. However, we are not sure if it contains any viruses, although it has some pirated movies and tv shows mostly of Bollywood, Chinese, Hollywood and other film industries around the world.

Flixtor South Africa is visited by thousands of people on a monthly basis and it doesn’t contain any adult content. However, a lot of movie fans have concern about the copyrighted movies and TV shows on this site. That’s is why some South Africans say they would rather stream movies and TV series on paid subscriptions like Netflix South Africa and Showmax.

How Does Flixtor Work in South Africa?

Flixtor South Africa works just like any free movie streaming site available on the internet. There’s no registration required, you simply visit flixtor.video, search for a movie or TV series and start watching online for free. Here’s how it works:

  • STEP 1: Go to flixtor.video or full site flixtor.video/home
  • STEP 2: On the homepage, click on the Flixtor search bar
  • STEP 3: Enter the name of the movie, series or show
  • STEP 4: Once the search results come out, click on the movie or series
  • STEP 5: Then click on the “Play” icon to watch for free online

Any Criminal Charges Faced By Flixtor in South Africa?

According to research in South Africa, so far there have been no reports of Flixtor facing any criminal charges. However, using the site in South Africa remains illegal because they upload copyrighted content.

Disclaimer – Quick Read Magazine does not aim to promote or condone piracy in any way. Piracy is an act of crime. In South Africa, under the Copyright Act of 1978, criminal copyright infringement can land offenders in jail for up to five years and result in a fine of up to R10,000. This article aims to inform the general public about piracy and encourage them to be safe from such acts. We further request you not to encourage or engage in piracy in any form.

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