FNB ATMs: How to Find An FNB ATM Near Me in South Africa

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FNB ATMs in South Africa are all over. You can easily locate FNB ATMs near me by using the FNB ATM locator tool online. FNB, which stands for First National Bank, is one of the largest banks and one of South Africa’s “big five” banks. The purpose of this article is to show you how the “FNB ATMs Near Me” locator works.

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What Are FNB ATMs?

An ATM stands for Automated Teller Machine. An FNB ATM is a machine that allows FNB customers to dispense cash or perform other banking services when they insert a bank card. With cardless services such as e-Wallets, customers can use the FNB ATMs without inserting cards or being an FNB customer.

One of the benefits of searching FNB ATMs near me is that, after you found the ATM, you will be able to perform banking transactions without the help of an actual FNB teller.


Since FNB is one of the biggest banks in South Africa, you can expect to find at least one FNB ATM near you. You will be able to access it 24/7, anytime and whenever you want. You can use your debit, credit and Cheque cards at your nearest FNB ATM. The FNB ATMs are available nationwide in South Africa.

To find FNB ATMS Near Me, go to Google and search for “FNB ATM near me”. Make sure your location is turned ON.


How to Access Cash Using FNB ATM?

To access your cash using the FNB ATM, you need your FNB CARD and a PIN. Find a nearest FNB ATM and insert your FNB Card and enter your PIN. You will be able to withdraw money, print out mini statement, check account balance and much more.

Types of FNB ATMs

FNB offers different types of ATMs and they are:

  • ATMs that allow automated deposit and it is cost and time effective
  • The funds reflects instantly when making cash deposits using the FNB ATM
  • The funds reflects after clearance when making Cheque deposits using the FNB ATM

FNB ATMs Features

  • Withdraw cash
  • Access your accounts
  • Send and receive money to an eWallet
  • Change ATM limits
  • Draw cash without a card using our cardless services
  • Purchase airtime, electricity and data bundles
  • Buy data with FNB Connect
  • View or print available balances
  • Obtain a mini statement
  • Get lost/stolen card contact info
  • Perform transfers and third party payments
  • Pay account recipients
  • Send and receive your MoneyGram™ Money Transfer
  • Change your PIN at any FNB ATM
  • Make cash deposits on ATMs that accept deposits

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