Thembi Mkhumbene AKA Dj Miss T SA

Getting to know the first Kwaito female DJ Thembi Mkhumbene AKA Dj Miss T SA

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Thembi Mkhumbene AKA Dj Miss T SA is an independent first kwaito female DJ born January 22nd in Tokoza (Ekurhuleni).

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Her dress-code is Mathanda kitchen, Samson Overall and all-star sneakers. They said Kwaito music is dead but Dj Miss T would disagree. The first kwaito DJ who tattooed Kwaito Diva on her left hand is not a stranger to entertainment venues. This kwaito Dj is about to release her Kwaito EP/Album titled “Ezase Kasi Lami”.

She has been a kwaito fan since she was young and she started her music career 2016 and she is attracting a large number of audience in the short time she has started and she already shared the stage with the likes of Mandla Spikiri, Mapaputsi , Skhokho , 2.5, Mshoza , Drencko, DJ Jucka , DJ Kaygee, Amon , Blorie Da Jam , DJ Sweetment, Toffolux Wabolova , Nomtha WA Kwaito and Stena DJ Bee just to mention a few. She has played in & outside South Africa in places like Caprivi, Justice Place, Lemba Café, Voltage Lounge, Barrels Place, Ha Pita (Lesotho/Maseru), MT Lounge, Boiketlong Pub.

She was also a nominee at the 2017 edition of the Mzansi Kwaito House Music Awards as the best Kwaito DJ Amongst the best DJ’s on the Best Kwaito DJ category which she unfortunately didn’t win but is back once again to prove her nomination wasn’t a fluke by winning the Best Kwaito DJ category.

DJ Miss T SA is also representing SA at Southern Africa Music Festival alongside with DJ Melody, Dj Shiks and Dj Sweetment who was also a 2017 Kwaito House Music Award Best Kwaito DJ Nominee. S.A.M.F movement also has Mr. Brown from Mozambique, Abuti from Lesotho, Jonico Kobela from Tembisa and other artists from Botswana, Swaziland, Zambia and Nigeria. Speaking about SAMF Dj Miss T was on a tour to Swaziland in March 25th, Mozambique in June, Botswana in September, Ethiopia after and Lesotho once again in December.

Whenever she is asked why Kwaito Music alone and what’s her mission her respond is:

“The reason I play kwaito alone is that Kwaito Music is the culture of South Africa when it comes to music genre that emerged in Johannesburg here in South Africa during the 90’s, Kwaito is a form of self-expression & a way of life, it is the way South Africans used to dress, speak & dance it is a street style as lifestyle where the music reflects life in the township”.

“My Mission is not to bring back kwaito but to keep the Kwaito Genre blazing the airwaves on our Radio stations and our youth know it all started & most important to keep the culture of Pantsula Dancers Dancing to Kwaito Music Opposed to the respective genre.”

This Kwaito Diva Knew it that she was meant to be part of the Music industry honouring her skill from a young age & not stopping to believe in her dream to fulfil her music career as The 1st Female Kwaito DJ. ”My Love for Kwaito started early 90’s, I remember Mdu, Mazola was the song of the year and I was physically on top of the house singing along, Lol! As music Evolving I never turned my back on kwaito Music including Isipantsula.

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