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Getting to Know Upcoming Artist Sabby Slvvane

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Sabelo Siphiwe Mpungose (born 12 March 1997), known professionally by his stage name Sabby Slvvane is a South African rapper, songwriter, beat producer, CEO and also a founder of Slvvane Records.

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He grew up in Eshowe, Kwazulu-Natal where he was raised by his mother, later on around 2011 he relocated to a place called Mandeni where he fell in love with the elements of music and decided to start his music career.

Earlier that year as he was surrounded by the entertainment he decided to write his own lyrics just too keep himself busy and astray from drugs.

Sabby Slvvane is most known for his first solo single track called ‘035’ which talks about the North Coast of KwaZulu-Natal where he was born. The song┬ámade waves in United States local radio stations and online radios. He received a lot of love especially in Detroit, Michigan where he received videos from citizens, including other live stream clips from New Orleans. That is when he started to take his music career in to another level as he was well received.


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As an upcoming Hip-hop artist, Sabby Slvvane also has a global recognition to his song “IF I DIE” featuring 3Third which is the song he released before his music project called Golden Doors EP.

“The reason I keep on doing music is because it heals me when I’m sad. Each and every difficult situation that I conquered in my life is because of music and that’s what inspires me the most. I like the way I do things when it comes to my personal life and my music. Whatever I write in my songs, is either is from my personal life experience or something I saw in my surrounding area hence I can say I am my own inspiration.” – Sabby Slvvane says.

When asked about what advice he can give to upcoming talents, the talented young rapper said, “I want upcoming talents to focus on their lane and never give up on something that they really love. You cannot wake up tomorrow as a star, you need to practice and also invest in your talent” – Sabby said.

He also added that some people tend to take their talent as just a hobby, but he would like to encourage them to start taking it as a business if they really want to fulfil it.


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Currently, Sabby is working on a single track with a popular South African rapper eMTee. The single will be produced by MADE. “I cannot give much details regarding my single eMTee until the paperwork is sorted out”. – He said.

“There is also another EP coming out probably end of this year where I will tell my story on how I spent two months in hospital after both of my kidneys were not functioning. I will explain everything from the beginning until the day I was discharged.” – Sabby said

People can get in touch with Sabelo Siphiwe Mpungose aka Sabby Slvvane by visiting his official website at

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