Gomora explores abortion as Melusi cheats on pregnant wife

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In a normal world, it is the cheating husband’s mistress who gets an abortion when the results of their adultery come to bite them. Keen to conceal his sin, the unfaithful husband will sell his back teeth just to fund the rushed abortion This week on Gomora, abortion is the topic but it is not the side chick who has a doctor’s appointment tonight.

Melusi and Thathi united by grief

In case you have missed weeks of Gomora, here’s what happened. Gladys, frustrated with Mam Sonto getting away with the murder of Mohato, set the tavern on fire. Little did she know that Langa was inside his Gogo’s tavern after a family celebration. Langa collapsed in the inferno and was hurried to hospital where he later died of complications arising from smoke inhalation.

Gladys who also collapsed at the scene was rushed to hospital where a blood test revealed she was pregnant. But Gladys did not immediately share this with her husband Melusi. Gladys’ hold on reality began to unravel as she saw the ghost of Langa at his funeral where she fell into the open grave. After the funeral, Gladys continued to behave strangely which led to a rift between her and Melusi who was still dealing with bereavement. The death of Langa brought Melusi and Thathi into the same space more often. Alone, reminiscing on their late son, Melusi and Thathi, to nobody’s surprise, ended up kissing. At their next meeting, Melusi made it clear to Thathi that he was “happily married” and that the kiss had been a mistake, which I suppose is French for “I really want you but I’m holding up the marriage card”. With Gladys away at a rehabilitation facility, Melusi and Thathi, overwhelmed by their feelings, ended up sleeping together. They continued to share intimate moments in Melusi’s office.

The Melusi and Thathi hook up was always going to happen. It was a question of when not if.


With Melusi preoccupied with his steamy affair, he began to neglect the frazzled Gladys whose only companion has become her incriminating journal into which she spills her homicidal confessions. After trying, with little luck, to get Melusi’s attention, Gladys eventually blurted it out.

“I’m pregnant!”

She finally had Melusi’s ear. He began to see months into their life, two kids, happiness, ntoni-ntoni. And that’s when Gladys burst his bubble. She did not want to keep the baby. In the ensuing argument over the topic of abortion, Gladys confessed to having aborted two other pregnancies, a secret which all along had only been known to Zodwa.

In trying to get his way, Melusi tried everything from insults – “how could you turn your womb into a graveyard” – to waving the culture card – my family paid lobola for you to bear me children – to appealing to God for help – he brought a Bible quoting pastor whom Gladys threw out of the house without ceremony – and even begging – “what would be wrong with a child, a little girl who has your beauty and your eyes”. But Gladys dug her high heels into the carpet and wouldn’t budge.

My body my choice

Gladys pointed out that Melusi never asked her if she wanted children and that women are forced into motherhood simply to live up to society’s expectations. With the abortion topic raging, Quick Read Magazine conducted a Twitter poll among Gomora viewers. The results are not what anyone expected.

The majority – 45% – of Gomora viewers who responded to the poll said Melusi and Gladys should have had an honest discussion about babies before cows were exchanged between their families. However, 32% still felt that Gladys had the right to do as she wishes with her body.

I personally believe both Melusi and Gladys entered into a deceptive marriage. Not only did Melusi rush to marry Gladys so soon after Thathi dumped him but the topic of babies is one that should come up on the third date, before the uncles are sent for lobola negotiations would also be ideal.

But it’s too late for that. On tonight’s show, Friday 23 July 2021, Gladys has an appointment with a wire coat hanger. It’s abortion day. Who gets to decide if Gladys goes ahead or not?

Gladys has the law on her side; the Choice of Termination of Pregnancy Act of 1996 legalised abortion in South Africa. I’m not a lawyer so I will leave the law to experts, but Gladys killed Langa. She owes Melusi a child. Besides, when the truth about Langa’s death eventually comes out, Gladys might need a caregiver in her old age, after she emerges from prison. She might need this baby to look after her!

Till next week, my pen is capped

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