Gomora Teasers January 2022

Gomora Teasers January 2022: What’s Happening On Gomora in January 2022

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Gomora Teasers January 2022 provided by TVSA! in South Africa. Gomora teasers for January 2022 is on Mzansi Magic channel 161 on Mondays to Fridays at 19h30. The below Gomora Teasers January 2022 inform you about each episode in South Africa.

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Gomora Teasers January 2022

Gomora Teasers January 2022 have been provided by TVSA. Gomora is a South African television drama series produced by Seriti Films. This December as we read the Gomora Teasers January 2022, we discovered that a drunken Zodwa hurts Bongani’s feelings. Melusi reveals to Phumlani he had Thathi first.

Here are the Gomora Teasers for January 2022:

Episode 181 – Monday 3 January 2022
A drunken Zodwa hurts Bongani’s feelings. Phumlani lets Buhle stay, against Thathi’s wishes.

Episode 182 – Tuesday 4 January 2022
Phumlani works hard to convince Thathi he has Buhle’s best interests at heart. Zodwa horrifies the family when she comes home drunk again.

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Episode 183 – Wednesday 5 January 2022
Mazet’s withdrawal confuses Ntokozo. Sbonga finds himself on the wrong end of Sdumo’s gun.

Episode 184 – Thursday 6 January 2022
Sonto worries about how much Phumlani knows about Ntokozo. Teddy and Sibongile look for ways to help Zodwa in her new state.

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Episode 185 – Friday 7 January 2022
Sibongile struggles to deal with the consequences of her actions toward Zodwa. The family frantically searches for Mazet.

Episode 186 – Monday 10 January 2022
Sonto desperately reports Mazet’s kidnapping to the police. Teddy pleads with Bongani to make him understand the breakup.

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Episode 187 – Tuesday 11 January 2022
Bongani’s children show up at Zodwa’s doorstep. Thathi grows envious of Mazet and Phumlani’s growing bond.

Episode 188 – Wednesday 12 January 2022
Mazet’s stay at Phumlani’s bothers Thathi. Zodwa gives Sibongile the silent treatment.

Episode 189 – Thursday 13 January 2022
The Molefes come to regret their actions towards Phumlani. Sibongile finds herself at the mercy of Zodwa.

Episode 190 – Friday 14 January 2022
Thathi and Phumlani seal the deal with a kiss. Bongani steps in to save Sibongile from homelessness.

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Episode 191 – Monday 17 January 2022
Thathi announced her engagement to Phumlani but not everyone is happy. Ntokozo questions Mazet’s friendship with Phumlani. Things don’t go as planned when Teddy tries to make peace between Sibongile and Zodwa.

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Episode 192 – Tuesday 18 January 2022
Melusi reveals to Phumlani he had Thathi first. Zodwa empties her cupboards to starve Teddy and Sibongile.

Episode 193 – Wednesday 19 January 2022
Thathi is surprised when Phumlani doesn’t seem interested in her past. Sibongile and Teddy loot the Dlaminis’ kitchen.

Episode 194 – Thursday 20 January 2022
Tshiamo gives Buhle a stern warning. Zodwa kicks out “demons” from her house. Phumlani becomes the happiest man on earth.

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Episode 195 – Friday 21 January 2022
Tshiamo learns the truth about Sdumo hitting Sbonga. Phumlani confronts Melusi about his relationship with Thathi. Teddy struggles to reach out to Zodwa.

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Episode 196 – Monday 24 January 2022
Phumlani asks Melusi for a huge favour. Zodwa’s state worries Teddy.

Episode 197 – Tuesday 25 January 2022
Teddy dismally attempts to get a job. Phumlani apologises to Gladys and Melusi for asking him to be his best man.

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Episode 198 – Wednesday 26 January 2022
Zodwa’s life is in danger for not paying back the money. Melusi is impelled to renege on his promise to Phumlani.

Episode 199 – Thursday 27 January 2022
Phumlani makes his best man pay for turning him down. Sbonga’s reckless move gets him in jail. Teddy comes to Zodwa’s rescue.

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Episode 200 – Friday 28 January 2022
Teaser unavailable.

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Episode 201 – Monday 31 January 2022
Teaser unavailable.

Gomora airs on Mzansi Magic from Mondays to Fridays at 19h30. We hope you enjoyed Gomora Teasers January 2022.

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