Harriet has lunch with Olerato

Harriet finds Kea replacement as Hector beats murder charge

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Harriet Khoza (real name Connie Ferguson, as if you didn’t know) lost her only daughter, Keabetswe (real name Dineo Langa) on 31 July 2020 at an explosive funeral.

When Kagiso announced his leave-taking two weeks ago, Harriet felt abandoned. And now Harriet has found a Kea surrogate in the most unlikely place.

A new name for the Blue Moon Lounge

After Goodness sold the Blue Moon Lounge – which she had no legal right to do, since she had already sold the darned place – the new owner had new ideas.

Noma went about changing the menu and putting up a new name banner. Goodbye Blue Moon, hello Noma’s. The name is simple, right. I remember Shaka doing some unspeakable things with Onica in the bathroom. Here’s hoping Noma has disinfected the lavatories!

Harriet investigates her own brother

No sooner had Kgosi returned than he went missing from the Khoza mansion all day. Kgosi’s disappearing acts aroused Harriet’s suspicion. She began to wonder about her brother’s motive for returning to Joburg.  She quietly asked Shaka to investigate without being seen. Shaka got his best people on the job but they came back with nothing. Meanwhile, a life changing discovery was happening in Kgosi’s life

The child he never knew

While Shaka was looking for dirt in Kgosi’s life, the man himself had a meeting with a young lady. She produced a photograph with immediately sparked recollection in Kgosi’s head. His old partner in crime, the woman with whom he had many drink binges, many years ago, before girls learned to balance savanna on their foreheads. The young woman – Olerato – identified the woman as her mother. And she believed Kgosi was her father. Impossible! Because Kgosi knows he only likes men.

When Harriet had found no shady reasons for Kgosi’s return, she confronted her brother. But Kgosi was evasive and Harriet told him she knew something was up. When pushed further, Kgosi finally told the truth. I came back because I might have a daughter. Harriet, through her son, has had her fair share of scheming young women – Goodness, Siyanda, Kamina – so she insisted that Kgosi gets a DNA test. Kgosi and Olerato (real name Lorraine Moropa) rolled up their sleeves and drew blood. The results confirmed Kgosi as the father.

Harriet finds Kea replacement

Harriet had kept the Kgosi-Olerato news to herself. Meanwhile Brutus remained suspicious of his brother-in-law. And more suspicion was to follow.

Shaka was out and about when he bumped into a beautiful young woman. He asked her for the tens but she declined to give him her phone number.

Once Kgosi new for certain he was a father, he called for a family meeting. Shaka, Harriet and the suspicious Brutus sat in the living room, waiting. Kgosi entered with a beautiful girl beside him. Shaka sat up, his face lit up with recognition; the girl who had refused to give him her number. And then Kgosi spoke.

“Meet my daughter, Olerato.”

Shaka was gutted, Brutus open jawed, as if Kgosi had unveiled a talking Boerboel.

Harriet, recently abandoned by her remaining child, took Olerato out to lunch at Noma’s. Has Harriet found her new Kea?

I personally would like Olerato (real name Lorraine Moropa) to stay beyond a cameo appearance. The Khoza mansion is now a cold, echoing hall, ever since Noma, Goodness, Mvelo and Kagiso left. The cast also lacks balance especially with the original Vuyiswa absent. Furthermore, Shaka’s infatuation with his step cousin – is that even a thing, step cousin – would make for interesting subject matter.

Hector gets away with murder

It seemed an open and shut case; Vuyiswa had Thato’s audio recording of Anna’s drunken confession and Schumacher’s recorded testimony. But it was not to be.

Hector had Schumacher arrested for theft of Mpho’s money in order to discredit him as a witness. Thando wormed her way into the police holding cell where she threatened Schumacher with death to his brother Buntu. She offered Schumacher release from prison. Schumacher walked out of jail and went straight to Vuyiswa. He withdrew his statement and apologized even though Siyanda knew this wasn’t the truth. Also, Thando dressed up as a cop and entered the evidence room where Mbele had locked up Thato’s cellphone. She removed the recording of Anna’s drunken testimony. When Vuyiswa listened to Thato’s recordings, she found no incriminating evidence.

At the pre trial hearing, Sandra Stein – the defence attorney – moved for dismissal due to insufficient evidence. The prosecutor offered nothing. The judge’s gavel struck wood. Case dismissed. Hector walked.

Soon after getting off scot free, Hector went to look for Vuyiswa. He found her at the corner house. Vuyiswa became convinced that she had wrongly accused Hector. They were back together again. He even had a baecation planned. I really hope that when Hector returns from holiday he will bring back the real Vuyiswa. After losing Loyiso MacDonald, I think the show could do with it’s old cast members. And this is coming from a die hard fan.

I was a little disappointed in Vuyiswa. I mean, this is the most important case she ever worked on but she delegated the handling of evidence to the incompetent Mbele. Who does that!

Till next week, my pen is capped

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