War breaks out on The Queen

Harriet goes to war [The Queen Mzansi]

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When two alphas collide over business territory, war is foreseeable, especially in a trade where guns and violence do the talking. It’s the Khozas versus the Sebatas.

Thato faces public outcry

Swayed by lust, Thato crowned his crush Mpho Sebata the inaugural Miss Corner House, even though she had lost the contest. He received criticism from his co-organisers, Vuyiswa, Jackal and even his best friend, Schumacher. As the Corner House was lambasted on social media, Thato was left with two options; pull the Miss Corner House crown off Mpho’s head or stick to his guns. Lust is a strong motivator, Thato chose the latter. Little did he know that it was all for nothing.


Thato shoots his shot


After the presentation of Mpho’s prize, Thato met with her to discuss the community work for Miss Corner House. But rather than Mpho’s duties, Thato used their time together to make his feelings known. He never got to tell Mpho his actual feelings as she kept asking about Schumacher. On Jackal’s advice, Thato thought he would neutralize the Schumacher threat with a show of power. He yelled at one of his waiters as well as Schumacher. Schumie is “just a driver,” Thato said to Mpho, in the hope that she might be put off! But the plan backfired as Mpho found this rude and disrespectful.

Mpho makes the first move

A true friend is one who stands by you even in your absence. Schumacher sensed that Mpho had feelings for him when she went crazy with the heart emojis on his social media pages. When she rang him up and asked to meet, his suspicions were vindicated. But at the meeting, Schumacher made it clear that he did not want to tread on Thato’s territory. Way to go Schumacher for honouring the Bro Code. But his resistance crumbled when Mpho placed her hand on his and told him she wanted him, not Thato. With Schumacher in a trance, she kissed him. Bro Code for who if  all is fair in love and war!

Harriet averts full on war

Last week, The Queen came to an explosive climax with the Khozas and Sebata family in a bloody shootout over Shaka who the latter had taken captive. With Sebata’s crew virtually annihilated, Thando brought hostilities to a halt when she threatened to shoot Shaka. To save Shaka, Harriet laid down her arms and approached Sebata for a one on one talk. During the tense meeting, Harriet not only demanded Shaka’s release but also the return of her drug dealing territory. Sebata agreed to the first demand. To prevent war, Harriet promised to back off. She must have had her fingers crossed because Hrriet’s promise lasted just half an hour.

Shaka turns down bhusha meat

Back in his bedroom where he was recovering from the gunshot wound in his leg inflicted by Hector Sebata, Shaka told Brutus that he still loved Thando despite the war between the two families. Brutus was keen to avoid a Samson and Delilah situation, especially with the Khozas and Sebatas at war. After running through a catalogue of relationships that ended badly, Brutus went on to track down Onica – Shaka’s long standing side chick – before presenting her to Shaka, like a braai pack. Babomncane had hoped for Shaka to move on from Thando. But Shaka, who is normally happy to sample random meat ”ebhusha”, told Onica to leave. Such is the extent of his love that, even in war, he remains loyal to Thando.


With Kagiso’s help, Shaka arranged what turned out to be a valedictory meeting with Thando. Both of them agreed that their love can never flourish as long as the families are at war. But there were clear signs that their romance is far from over.

Harriet declares war

Harriet made one last attempt to get her main clients back; Jasmine and Dollar. As her drug business remained non-existent, she lost a legitimate trucking client which sunk the Khozas deeper into the red. Furthermore, she learned that Sebata was supplying grade A drugs at an impossibly low price. One can only suspect that Hector steals his drugs from police impound.

As Harriet tried to think of a survival plan, Brutus was a mosquito in her ear, calling for swift and decisive action on Sebata whom he suspects of being responsible for Kea’s death. For once Brutus’ instincts are sharper than Harriet’s. Finally Brutus got his wish when Harriet ordered the blowing up of Sebata’s warehouse. War at last, thought Brutus!

With military precision, Kagiso took out Sebata’s guards before setting explosives inside the cocaine laden warehouse. Ka-boom!


Sebata strikes back

On the advice of Thando, Hector made a conciliatory phone call to Harriet. He offered an olive branch even though he was itching for war. The Khozas were having drinks at the mansion when all of a sudden Sebata, Thando and their goons laid siege. Dressed in body hugging leather shorts, Thando seemed undecided on whether she had come for seduction or war. Perhaps she came for both.

Rapulana Seiphemo’s report card

Rapulana Seiphemo is an industry legend whose track record speaks for itself. However one always gets the feeling that his best acting is in vernacular. When he delivers his lines in English, Seiphemo sounds like a Khoza truck with a stuttering engine. There is an unbreakable link between language and acting. In a multi lingual country, the best actors can shift from different languages — Vusi Kunene is a perfect example. Seiphemo isn’t one such actor. Perhaps all his dialogue should be in the language that rolls off the tongue more easily.


Till next week, my pen is capped.




The Queen airs weekdays at 9:00pm on Mzansi Magic


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