Box Office Rental South Africa

How Does Box Office Rental Work in South Africa

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Box Office Rental Movies in South Africa is one of the options that South Africans choose to watch their favourite movies. Box Office Rental South Africa is a great choice for people who don’t want to visit cinemas to watch latest movies. Box Office Rental in South Africa is also available to non DStv subscribers in the country. In this article, you will learn more about how Box Office Rental works in South Africa.

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What is Box Office Rental?

Box Office Rental is South Africa’s online movie rental service. The Box Office Movie Rental service gives South Africans access to some of the latest and biggest Hollywood blockbusters, a fresh Bollywood catalogue and the latest local releases directly to your computer, laptop or any streaming device. These Box Office movies are available for streaming only in South Africa.

The South Africa Box Office movie rental service belongs to Africa’s leading satellite service MultiChoice and is also available to non subscribers in South Africa.

Box Office South Africa offers a wide selection of movies that South Africans can rent and watch directly from the Box Office website or rent and download via the DStv Desktop Player app.

How Does Box Office Rental DStv Work in South Africa?

Box Office Rental DStv works almost the same way to the service on PVRs, offering customers a wide range of latest movies that they can rent online and watch directly from the website. The Box Office rental movie is available to watch for 48 hours. Once the rental period is up, the movie expires.

If you have a PVR, you can rent Box Office Movies in South Africa and enjoy from the comfort of your own home. Before you can rent Box Office Movies, you need to sign up for a Box Office account which allows you to use any payment method available to rent and to rent and stream movies online or via the DStv Desktop Player.

Box Office Rental DStv South Africa

How to Rent Movies On Box Office in South Africa

Here’s how to rent Box Office movies in South Africa.

  • Step 1: Go to the Box Office screen on your DStv Explora or DStv Explora Ultra
  • Step 2: Press “OK”
  • Step 3: Search for a movie you would like to rent from Box Office
  • Step 4: Press “OK and select “Rent Now”
  • Step 5: Accept the Terms & Conditions
  • Step 6: Select “DStv Account” as the payment option
  • Step 7: Wait a few seconds as your Box Office rental is processed
  • Step 8: Start watching the movie from Box Office South Africa

Watch the movie as many times as you like for a 48 hours period. Once the rental period is up, the movie expires.

If you don’t have a DStv account, you can visit the Box Office South Africa site at and sign up or login with your DStv Connect ID. Find the movie you’d like to rent and then click “Rent Now” and proceed with the payment. Once you have successfully paid for a Box Office rental, the movie will be available to you immediately, for 48-hours.

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