How to download Twitter videos

How to download videos from Twitter

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Have you ever wanted to download videos from Twitter but didn’t know how? There are several ways to do this, each with its own advantages and shortcomings, depending on your data package, internet device memory and how often you would like to download videos from Twitter.

Twitter video downloader app

The most obvious way to download videos from Twitter is via the Twitter Video Downloader App which is available on Google Play Store and rated 4.6 stars by past users which means it’s pretty reliable.

To download videos from Twitter, you first have to install the app on your internet device. The app will take up 4MB of internal memory on your phone or tablet. For someone who already has space constraints, perhaps this might not be ideal. Onto the next method then.

Downloader bots on Twitter

If you prefer to download videos from Twitter without the red tape of first installing a video downloader app, there are several Twitter bots available to do it for you at the click of a button. To use these, you simply mention the Twitter bot handle in the comments section of the tweet where the video appears. Within seconds, you should receive a web link from which you can collect your video. Twitter video downloader bots are perfect for a Twitter user who does not want the inconvenience of installing a downloader app. Examples of these bots are:












There are disadvantages in using Twitter downloader bots.

Firstly, Twitter absolutely hates bots of any kind. Using such bots may, for all we know, put your account at risk.

To protect their intellectual property, some tweeps block video downloader bots. So, no matter how many times you mention the bot handle, you may not getting a download. The third, if not biggest, drawback to this method is that most bots list your download history for the entire world to see. Imagine your employer seeing that you download videos of semi clad car wash girls!

Another disadvantage in using this method to download videos from Twitter is that sometimes you want to keep a low profile. Some Twitter users, known on the cyber “streets” as lurkers, might not be comfortable advertising their presence under a viral tweet.

Best method to download videos from Twitter

Saving the best for last, here is another easy trick to download videos from Twitter. Go to the tweet where the video appears. Copy the tweet link before opening your web browser. Enter the domain name for Save From Dot Net. Once the page loads, scroll to the bottom where you will see various social media icons: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Sound Cloud, Vimeo, Tiktok etc. Click on “Twitter” and paste the tweet link in the download bar which reads “paste your video link here”.

For me this is the best method because it is not only discrete (nobody will ever see your download history) but it also obviates the need to install a downloader app. Furthermore, this method even allows you to choose between HD or SD videos. For crisp videos, you can choose the HD option, which obviously uses more data and more space on your device memory. If you have data constraints or wish to send the video to recipients who have a tight data budget, you can always save your videos in SD format (standard definition).

Similar to the method explained above, you may also use the Save Tweet Vid website.

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