How old is Zekhethelo from Uzalo

How old is Zekhethelo from Uzalo?

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Zekhethelo from Uzalo real age has been revealed. Actress Nyalleng Thibedi, who plays the role of Zekhethelo on Uzalo SABC1, is 40 years old.

Born on 4 September 1980, Nyalleng Thibedi is currently 40 years old as of 2020. Nyalleng’s age has always been a shocking revelation for fans who thought she was a lot younger. On the show, she plays the character of someone who is in her 20s and on a self a discovery journey. On the show, she also dated young men, which gave fans the impression that she was younger.

Most fans are always shocked to discover that Zekhethelo from Uzalo is actually 40 years old.

Nyalleng Thibedi Zekhethelo from Uzalo
Nyalleng Thibedi aka Zekhethelo from Uzalo

Following her real age revelation, one Twitter user took to Twitter where he posted “I was really shocked when I found out Nyalleng Thibedi aka Zekhethelo, is 40 years old. Like whaaat (sic)”.

Nyalleng also made fun of the entire situation on her Instagram page, she captioned her Instagram video “when my haters ask me if I’m 37 / 40 or whatever the rumors and speculations are out there! The answer is in the video. Straight from the horses mouth.”

Now you know Zekhethelo from Uzalo age.

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